Systems Design Group to Debut Cabasse Flagship La Sphere Loudspeakers August 15, 2008

Redondo Beach, CA Expert Retailer Tapped for North American Retail Debut of World's "New Standard for Music Reproduction."

Bellingham, WA - August 5, 2008 - Cabasse, a legendary, world -class specialist in the design and manufacture of innovative, premium loudspeakers and their Exclusive North American distributor, StJohn Group have announced that the company's reference La Sphere model will be making its North American retail debut Friday, August 15th, 2008 at Systems Design Group, Redondo Beach. Clients, invited guests and the press are invited to attend.

The evening will be an opportunity for music lovers, aficionados, and discerning individuals who enjoy experiencing and owning the best in life, to gather and experience a variety of fine musical recordings and genres in a relaxed and laid back, "listening party" setting.

La Sphere loudspeakers have recently been acclaimed by Stereophile magazine as:
- - The "new standard audibly for accuracy in the reproduction of music"
- - "easiest to listen to"
- - "the most exciting and enjoyable speaker"

With a retail price of $140,000 per pair ($165,000 with amplifiers), La Spheres are arguably the Formula One "Super Car" equivalent in the loudspeaker world. They represent decades of research by the 60 -year -old venerable French manufacturer and are the first to deliver what many experts feel is the theoretically perfect loudspeaker due to its unique 20 -20Khz "point source" technology. Hailed by respected audio gurus around the world as the finest loudspeaker available, La Sphere is more than a no -compromise loudspeaker - it is an acoustical masterpiece. Cabasse's extensive R&D has created perhaps the world's most exacting loudspeaker. La Sphere's reflected response curve and corresponding reflected phase response are identical to its direct measurements thus insuring the most realistic listening experience possible. The speakers, driven by 5.2 kilowatts of discrete Cabasse amplification, also utilize the company's four -way active digital processor for unmatched precision crossover and filtering.

Moreover, as the world's only four -way co -axial point -source loudspeaker (all sound emanates from the exact same point), La Sphere utilizes a specially engineered spherical enclosure that is far superior to conventional designs. Among the significant advantages of a spherical enclosure are rigidity, elimination of standing waves and perfect symmetry in every direction with no diffraction effects from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In every respect, La Sphere is audibly and measurably the perfect full -range transducer.

La Sphere's drive units are also a story unto themselves. The 22" woofer features a unique honeycomb dome, specially engineered for optimum performance in a spherical enclosure. The low/midrange unit is an 8" Duocell ring design that is then combined with a 5" mid -range and 1.2" dome diaphragm tweeter.

John Caldwell, a principal and co -founder of StJohn Group, commented on La Sphere's debut at Systems Design Group: "Great loudspeakers abound in our industry, but none can match La Sphere for its ability to recreate music and soundtracks with as much lifelike realism. We've partnered with Systems Design Group because they are Los Angeles' finest and most experienced dealer for delivering such a rarefied product." Caldwell added, "While La Sphere may be beyond the budget of most, the same Spatially Coherent System® technology can be found throughout the Cabasse line at Systems Design Group, including a growing number of custom installation in -wall and in -ceiling models that are surprisingly affordable."

"We are excited to share with our clients and friends throughout Southern California, La Sphere's truly awe -inspiring performance. They have to be experienced to be believed. They will make you believe in the beauty of sound," said Systems Design Group's President, Jerry Axelrod. "We look forward to seeing you here."

Guest speaker and presenter for the evening is Christophe Cabasse, Cabasse's Vice President of International Sales and the company founder's son. La Sphere will be on active display with several other Cabasse models in both two -channel stereo and multi -channel home theater arrangements throughout Systems Design Group's multiple lavish showrooms.

Qualified press are welcome to attend a short briefing and active demonstrations from 3 -6 p.m. Invited guests and interested individuals are welcome from 6 -9 p.m. Refreshments will be served. RSVP is requested.

Systems Design Group's showroom is located in Redondo Beach at 1306 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. PH: 310 -370 -8575

Co -sponsors with StJohn Group and Systems Design Group for the evening are Gourmet Wine & Cheese Market and Luxury Life & Style magazine.

Key Cabasse La Sphere Features:

- - Four -way active, point source, system for perfect full -range reproduction. Seamless over 60 degrees
- - Four -way digital active crossover for perfect time -alignment and frequency response both on and off axis
- - Spherical enclosure provides smallest form factor possible while preventing internal standing waves
- - Proprietary materials used in custom, hand -made drive units

About Cabasse
Founded by Georges Cabasse in 1950, the company has been a pioneer in the search for true musical reproduction. In all likelihood, the quest really began in 1740 when the first signed Cabasse violin was made. Five generations of musical instrument craftsmen followed, pursuing the tradition and supplying Europe with violins, violas and cellos, most of which are still being played in orchestras today.
Cabasse's continuing obsession is to faithfully and perfectly reproduce music and soundtracks, without any alteration, coloration or distortion in the sound. This boundless passion has led the company to relentlessly innovate, design, and engineer better and better loudspeakers, so that all ears can enjoy the essence and thrill of sonic purity.

About Systems Design Group
Systems Design Group was founded in November of 1981 by its current president, Jerry Axelrod, in Redondo Beach, California. For the past twenty -seven years it has been pleased to create the finest high performance music and theater systems utilizing "state of the art" world class components. Systems Design Group's primary goal is to assemble systems that represent the ultimate in performance as well as value, and to provide its clients with extraordinary personal service. Their showrooms in Redondo Beach have been designed to demonstrate the exceptional experience attainable at home while listening to music or viewing films. Please contact Jerry Axelrod at 310 -370 -8575 to arrange for a personal audition or an in -home consultation.

About StJohn Group
StJohn Group, Inc. is not a typical American distributor. Only representing lines offering exclusive North American distribution opportunity allows the company to closely work with its partners on a holistic approach to brand development. Unlike most U.S. distributors, StJohn Group handles all facets of sales and marketing, including literature and collateral creative and production, advertising creative and buys, media relations, web sites, business development and long range market planning.
StJohn Group specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market - both residential and commercial - and represents Artcoustic and Cabasse Loudspeakers, Cineversum, iSky panels and Screen Excellence in North America and the Caribbean.

StJohn Group, Inc.
John Caldwell
Phone: (805) 647 -3779 • Fax: (805) 856 -2212
E -mail:

Systems Design Group
Jerry Axelrod
Tel : 310 -370 -8575
E -mail:

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