Advanced algorithms provide more natural and human sounding voices

Voxpilot and IVO Software join forces to enable the delivery of IVONA Text-To-Speech

Voxpilot, a leader in Interactive Voice and Video Response platforms, and IVO Software, a leading specialist in Text -To -Speech solutions based on self -developed AI algorithms, proudly announce the successful integration of award winning IVONA Text -To -Speech (TTS) with Voxpilot's Open Media Platform (OMP).

IVONA Telecom Text -To -Speech is a solution designed for developing systems such as: Contact Center IVR, Voice Self Services, and alike. IVONA TTS analyses and interprets text using proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence and "reads it out loud" in a natural, human -like way. The synthesized text can be sent directly to a telephone line or saved to a file. Thanks to its architecture IVONA Telecom is very efficient - it can handle up to 100+ channels using single core processor power. It comes with a commandline interface and compliance with the Microsoft Speech API and MRCP standard. IVONA TTS currently supports US -English, Romanian and Polish voices.

Integrating with the Voxpilot OMP through MRCP the IVONA TTS solution provides Text -To -Speech resources to the distributed call control and VoiceXML -based media processing platform. At the same time, by employing a unique combination of advanced PSTN features with IMS -ready VoIP capabilities, the Voxpilot OMP enables IVONA TTS in both the networks of today and tomorrow. Rapid delivery of high quality, next generation, interactive telecommunications with DTMF, Speech Recognition, Text -to -Speech and Multimedia services is possible all on a single platform.

"We are extremely pleased to have leading edge innovation from the speech industry be interoperable with our platform. IVO Software brings these developments to the table" - says Gilles Meyer, CEO, Voxpilot. President of IVO Software, Mr. Lukasz Osowski adds, "It is great news for us, as not only does Voxpilot follow the trends in the voice technology market, but also sets them!".

As a result, the proven interoperability of both products allows the users of Interactive Voice and Video Response systems to gain immediate benefit of the solution synergy. Utilizing the MRCP standard, the package enables fast deployment and cost reduction at the same time. IVO Software and Voxpilot, will soon allow both parties' customers to download Voxpilot's OMP with IVONA voices for evaluation purposes - free of charge.
About Voxpilot

Voxpilot brings the next generation of interactive telecommunication services to enterprises, integrators, carriers and service providers. Our flagship product, Voxpilot Open Media Platform (OMP), has been installed in a variety of networks across Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Combining advanced telephony features with Internet capabilities such as SIP and Web technologies such as VoiceXML, the Open Media Platform replaces classic IVR with Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR). This enables speech -based self -service, conferencing, prepaid services, and video -based solutions such as VideoMail and content delivery applications.Visit for more information.

About IVO Software

IVO Software specializes in Text -To -Speech solutions based on self -developed AI algorithms, recognized by the world's leading experts. Our company has already occupied an important position in the Polish TTS market and now is offering its solutions worldwide. .We are the creators of the IVONA TTS award -winning technology included in all IVO products - the IVONA TTS engine received one of the highest scores for voice quality at the prestigious Blizzard Challenge scientific event in 2006 and 2007. Visit for more information.

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