Digital Signature Launches Mint 220 Wireless PC/Mac Speakers with iPod Dock

DiFi™ sound technology delivers a high-end listening experience at an entry-level price.

Santa Ana, California, July 16, 2008 - Digital Signature™, rapidly gaining a reputation for advanced, affordable multimedia speaker systems, announced today that it is launching the latest edition to its line of Digital Music Stations, the Mint 220. The introduction of the Mint 220 will allow space and budget conscious music lovers the ability to enjoy rich, dynamic sound quality from their iPod and wireless streaming from their Mac or PC.

"The Mint 220 doesn't just deliver higher quality sound for the iPod - laptop users want premium sound without the hassle of plugging in cables, once you plug in the transmitter you are ready to listen, and that's where the Mint 220's wireless capabilities really shine," according to Joyce Ahn, VP of Product Marketing for Digital Signature. "Now everyone can have high fidelity audio not just for music, but for all of their digital entertainment - the Mint 220 truly delivers the best all -around value in its class."

As Digital Signature's latest offering in the Mint Digital Music Station line, the Mint 220 is poised for success in the popularly -priced market segment of consumer audio. Digital Signature expects the Mint 220 to push the audio envelope both in terms of ultimate listening enjoyment and affordability, because it delivers rich, dynamic sound quality, easy connectivity, remote operation and wireless audio streaming for home, dorm, work and play - at a market -leading MSRP of $179.

The Mint 220 features Texas Instrument's PurePath Digital™ audio technology, with wireless transmission via Digital Signature's proprietary 2.4 GHz USB transmitter, which is completely lossless over ranges of up to 45'. A remote control offers the final component of complete wireless freedom. With the ability to control all of the user's music, the Mint 220 is as easy to use as it is to set up.

The Mint 220 Digital Music Station features an integrated amplifier, iPod dock/charger, and two 3.5 -inch Peerless speakers in the sealed design preferred by many audiophiles for tight control of mid - and high -range sound fidelity in bookshelf systems.

The Mint 220 Digital Music Station is available for purchase now at Best Buy and at

About Digital Signature

Digital Signature brings advanced digital acoustic design paired with top grade components to popularly priced audio systems for the first time. Powered by digital amplification control and wireless transmission techniques created by Digital Signature, the result is dynamic sound at an unheard of price. Digital Signature has branded this new approach to audio quality Di -Fi™. Digital Signature is on the Web at


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