TV One's Universal Input/Output Seamless Switchers with flexible field upgradability

TV One expands their CORIO®2 product line with their new Universal Input/Output Seamless Switcher/Scalers

The new C2 -3300 Series offers eight Universal Video inputs on HD15 connectors that can accommodate Composite Video, YC (S -Video), YUV/YPbPr Component and all RGB formats. Seamless switching between all of the inputs is possible, and using the integral award -winning CORIO®2 scaling engine, all of the inputs can be converted to the same output resolution, from Composite Video through to PC resolution up to 2048x2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.

Two Universal Program outputs are provided which are an Analog output via an HD -15 connector, and a DVI -D output. The Preview output is an analog RGBHV signal that shows the selected input as a full screen image preview; CV and YC inputs are up -converted to RGBHV for viewing.

There are currently four units within the C2 -3300 Series which are available to order, including a video switcher/scaler unit; a video switcher/scaler unit with advanced features such as picture -in -picture, mixing and keying; a video and audio switcher/scaler and a video and audio switcher/scaler with advanced features such as picture -in -picture, mixing and keying. The flexibility of TV One units means that the lower -end C2 -3300 units can be upgraded at any time, if you later wish to add audio or extra features to a standard unit. The advanced features can be added via an encrypted code at the user's location in the field, and the differential stereo audio switching and routing capabilities can be added quickly at any TV One Technical Support Centre.

This flexible approach to product upgradability is what sets TV One apart from other manufacturers in the field. The ability to adapt to ever -changing situations and needs ensures that the requirements of TV One customers can be met in a timely and cost -effective manner every time.

The new C2 -3300 Series is available to order now and the four models are as follows:

C2 -3300 - Basic model without audio or advanced video features
C2 -3310 - Basic model with Differential Stereo Audio Switching and Routing
C2 -3350 - Advanced model with features such as PIP, Keying and Mixing
C2 -3360 - Advanced model with features such as PIP, Keying and Mixing, plus Differential Stereo Audio Switching and Routing

These new products, along with the entire TV One range, can be found on the website,, alternatively you can contact the European Sales and Technical Department on +44 (0) 1843 873311 or at

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