MilesTek Launches HDMI Cables and Devices,

Long-Distance and Standard-Length 1.3b Cables, Distribution Amplifiers, Switchers and Device-and-Cable Kits Maximize Digital A/V Performance

INFOCOMM '08, LAS VEGAS, May 12, 2008 - MilesTek, a global distributor delivering a vast range of networking and A/V integration products, introduces a family of HDMI® Cables and Devices providing versatile solutions for A/V professionals, at INFOCOMM International 2008, the annual convention of the International Communications Industries Association, beginning in June.

MilesTek's new HDMI offerings include long -distance and standard -length Commercial Grade HDMI Cable, Distribution Amplifiers, Switchers, and a variety of Device and Cable Kits that combine an amplifier or switcher with several HDMI cables. With HDMI quickly becoming the digital connectivity standard, component video just doesn't match the picture clarity, color and sharpness of an HDMI connection, especially at higher resolutions. MilesTek's new offerings provide a flexible, high -performance digital video, audio, and control solutions while eliminating the complexity, cost and confusion of the multiple analog cables currently used in most A/V systems.

MilesTek's long -distance and standard -length HDMI Cable is state -of -the -art Version 1.3b, featuring increased bandwidth and resolution, support for up to 16 -bit color, auto lip -synch correction, and support for True HD and DTS -HD Audio. The cable is also HDCP -compliant and includes a durable metal hood connector. Fully tested and certified for digital performance, it delivers flawless high -definition signal transmission at resolutions up to 1080p. The cable is available at competitive prices in a broad range of lengths from one to 25 meters for both short run and long distance applications.

MilesTek's HDMI Distribution Amplifier (1 In, 2 Out & 1 In, 4 Out) collects and distributes an HDMI signal from a video or audio source (such as a DVD player, set -top box or computer) to two, four or eight HDMI digital display devices, such as projectors and plasma and LCD monitors. The amplifier is 1.3b -compliant and HDCP -compatible, and supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions, from VGA and WXGA to 480p and 1080p.

MilesTek's Rackmountable HDMI Distribution Amplifier (1 In, 8 Out) collects an HDMI signal from one source and distributes it to eight HDMI devices. Both amplifiers are ideal for use in monitoring systems, testing equipment, and Home Theaters and A/V systems with multiple displays.

MilesTek's HDMI Switcher (2 In, 1 Out & 4 In, 1 Out) connects two, four or eight HDMI devices, such as a DVD player and satellite receiver, to a single HDMI output leading to a projector or LCD or plasma display. The Switcher is 1.3b -compliant and HDCP -compatible, and comes with an easy -to -use remote control. A Rackmountable HDMI Switcher (8 In, 1 Out) collects an HDMI signal from one source and distributes it to eight HDMI devices.

Both the amplifiers and switchers are also available in special Device and Cable Kits that include one 1 -meter cable for every input, and one 2 -meter cable for every output. The combination of devices and cables can provide a long distance signal solution out to 45 meters.

MilesTek's new HDMI Cables, Distribution Amplifiers, Switchers and kits are available now. They can be seen with MilesTek's other outstanding products at Booth C1952, Las Vegas Convention Center, during the show.

About MilesTek
Established in 1981, MilesTek has steadily grown from a supplier of custom -designed telecommunications products to become a global distributor delivering a vast range of low -voltage integration products. MilesTek products are used primarily in audio/video, networking, security and military applications. They consist of a complete line of bulk wire and cable products, connectors, connector termination systems, molded and custom assemblies, networking equipment, racks and enclosures, and a broad range of related accessories. MilesTek principally serves residential, commercial, education, telecom and government markets, and holds memberships in CEDIA, ICIA and BICSI. MilesTek is based in a 40,000 -square -foot warehouse and assembly facility in Denton, Texas, just north of Dallas -Fort Worth. For further technical information, visit

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