JL Audio Begins Shipping Ultra -Compact HD600/4 Four -Channel Amplifier

JL Audio has shipped the first model in their much anticipated HD Amplifier series to U.S. dealers -on time and as promised!

Miramar, FL -May 15, 2008 -JL Audio has shipped the first model in their much anticipated HD Amplifier series to U.S. dealers -on time and as promised! Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the HD Amplifiers were greeted enthusiastically by JL Audio's dealers for their compact size and impressive performance capabilities.

The HD600/4 amplifier is a Class D, 600 watt, four -channel amplifier utilizing a groundbreaking switching amplifier technology called Single Cycle Control™ to deliver reference -grade, full -range sonic performance. Unlike other full -range switching amplifier designs, Single Cycle Control™ monitors and corrects the amplifier's output in each and every switching cycle (over 400,000 times per second) to ensure very low distortion and pristine audio quality.
Being true switching amplifiers, HD amplifiers draw 60% less current from the vehicle's electrical system than conventional, Class A/B full -range amplifiers. This outstanding efficiency greatly reduces heat output, allowing the chassis to be shrunk to about 1/3 the size of a similarly powerful, conventional amplifier.

Supporting the Single Cycle Control™ technology in the HD600/4 is JL Audio's Regulated, Intelligent Power Supply (R.I.P.S.), with independent optimization for each channel pair, plus advanced thermal management systems and a full complement of studio -grade processing features that further set it apart from other compact amplifiers. Like all HD Amplifiers, the HD600/4 features a stackable chassis design, a security cover for all controls and removable power and speaker plugs.

Manville Smith, VP -Marketing for JL Audio says, "The best part about the HD amplifiers isn't even their small size or impressive power output… it's the sound quality. We can't wait for dealers and customers to install them and listen to them."

Manufacturers Retail Price: $849.95
HD600/4 dimensions (LxWxH): 10.74 -inches x 7.85 -inches x 1.93 -inches
(273 mm x 199.5 mm x 49 mm)

Now Shipping HD 600/4 with the HD750/1 to follow in June, 2008.

Single Cycle Control™ is a patented technology used under exclusive license for mobile audio from PowerPhysics, Inc. of Newport Beach, CA.

About JL Audio

Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, JL Audio has been manufacturing high -quality audio solutions for discriminating listeners in the mobile audio marketplace for nearly two decades where the company has earned worldwide acclaim and achieved significant market share. JL Audio products are sold exclusively by specialty retailers throughout the U.S.A. and distributed in fifty -eight countries around the world. Recipient of numerous awards and accolades, JL Audio loudspeakers, amplifiers and subwoofers have been awarded fourteen U.S. patents for innovative audio technology.

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