MvixUSA Launches Ultra Portable HDD -based Hi -Def Media Player

Mvix (USA), Inc. announces the launch of hi-def media decoder in ultra small size. The new Mvix MV-2500U supports the small 2.5-inch hard drive. It can support 250GB hard disk, enough to carry 100 DVD quality movie titles.

Fairfax, VA: Mvix (USA), Inc., a leader in HDD -based, portable media playback solutions, announces the launch of yet another hi -def media decoder now in ultra small size. The new Mvix MV -2500U supports the small 2.5 -inchhard drive, but boasts of most of the key features of its predecessors like MX -780HD or MX -760. It can support HDDs as large as250GB hard disk, enough to carry 100 DVD quality movie titles.

Introducing this next generation portable gadget in MvixUSA's corporate office in Fairfax, VA, Mike Mallon, the Business Development Manager of MvixUSA commented, "MvixMV -2500U is the perfect companion for the people on the move. People, who enjoy traveling on RVs or boats, can virtually carry their entire home theater collection in this tiny marvel, and enjoy the same hi -def video quality. What differentiates our product from other portable video devices are the quality of video output and versatility in terms of video and audio formats support."

MV -2500U comes in a stunning black look and just measures under 5 X 3 x 0.5 inches in dimension, almost the size of a PDA. "Extremely competitively priced, this black beauty fits everyone's pocket, both in terms of size and dollars", commented Mike.

Mvix MV -2500U uses a 2.5' PATA / IDE HDD and supports large -sized hard drives (250GB). When connected to the PC, it works just like an external USB 2.0 hard drive. It comes with a highly functional and ergonomically -designed IR remote control. It is capable of storing and decoding hours of standard or high definition digital video (480p, 720p, 1080i) in over a dozen file formats. Video file formats supported include files encoded in MPEG -1, MPEG -2, and MPEG -4, DVD (VOB, IFO), DivX ® (3/4/5/6), Xvid, BivX ®, VCD (DAT) for both PAL and NTSC systems.

The news of Mvix MV -2500U comes within three months of launch of MvixUSA's flagship model MX -780HD (introduced during CES in January). MvixUSA foresees a very positive response for MV -2500U from the market, particularly in mobile entertainment segment. "MV -2500U is our exclusive product for the mobile community, who wants to maintain the quality of their digital lifestyle, even when they are on the move. We continue to innovate in products and features, catering to different markets and supporting our customers with our unmatched technical support platform". - Mike added.

MvixUSA will start shipping MV -2500U model by early May, 2008.

Partner Inquiries:
Mike Mallon (Business Development Manager)
3917 Old Lee Hwy, Ste 11 -B
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA
866.310.4923 X 803 (Toll Free)

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