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The W5000 and W20000 feature BenQ's exclusive Senseye technology, TI's 1080p DLP® DMD chipset, and HQV high-performance video processor

The W5000 and W20000 feature BenQ's exclusive Senseye technology, TI's 1080p DLP® DMD chipset, and HQV high -performance video processor

Hemel -Hempstead, 23 April 2008 - BenQ expands its full 1080p HD projector lineup with the introduction of two new cinema class projectors - BenQ W20000 (£2,499 inc. VAT) and W5000 (£1,399 inc. VAT). Featuring BenQ's exclusive Senseye Technology, Texas Instruments' 1080p DLP® DMD chipset (DarkChip3 & DarkChip2 respectively), and HQV (Holly Quality Video) high -performance video processor at a high 20000:1 (10000:1 for W5000) contrast ratio, the BenQ W20000 and W5000 offer true cinematic full 1080p HD experience and also performs seamlessly with a wide range of devices from conventional VCR to the latest HD DVD and Blu -ray DVD players.

The BenQ W5000 and BenQ W20000 are able to deliver high quality visuals due to its many leading technologies. The projectors enhance image contrast via its Dual Iris technology, so that bright images become brighter and dark images become darker. The W20000 and W5000 also take a step further in providing DynamicBlack™ technology. Together with Texas Instruments, BenQ provides a second level of Iris control that enhances contrast based on the exact image being shown. DynamicBlack™ digitally examines source video to determine the appropriate iris aperture for the level of light present in a given scene and open and close the projector iris accordingly. Built to deliver ultra -high contrast, both projectors allow consumers to see visuals on -screen just as they would see them in real life.

For more optimal viewing, both projectors feature four viewing modes (Cinema, Dynamic, Standard, and Photo) for selection and three memory slots for consumers to calibrate their own preferred settings. The BenQ W5000 and W20000 also support multiple video formats including 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Whether it is HDTV, blu -ray DVD or video games, consumers can enjoy the latest video formats in full HD.

Featuring BenQ's Senseye Technology, Texas Instruments' BrilliantColorTM technology, and Philips' ViDi lighting technology, the W20000 and W5000 display brightly at 1,200 ANSI lumens and are able to render precise colours to match their real -life appearance, with the difference most apparent in blue and red hues, which other projectors typically distort. The Brilliant Color Technology is a cutting -edge technology that enables higher brightness levels by boosting mid -tone colours, resulting in more vibrant, precisely rendered colours. VIDI Lighting Technology adjusts light more effectively by boosting specific colours in different application modes for a more stunning picture.

At only 25dB, BenQ W5000 and W20000 let consumers enjoy their visual experience without any distracting projector noise. The projectors are designed with two HDMI slots, built -in ISFccc (ISF Certified Calibration Controls) and Panamorph™ lenses for full screen experience at 2.35:1 aspect ratio with no image distortion or letterboxing. Both projectors fully support the 1080P/24fps standard for HD video at 24 frames per second - the format for Blu -ray disc players and professional movie filming, production and editing. With BenQ's latest cinema class projectors, consumers can truly enjoy high quality cinema performance at the comfort of their homes!

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