New Multi -Input HD Video and Audio Processor from TV One Now Shipping

TV One's C2-7310 HD Video Processor with full HD-SDI Audio embedding and extraction, supporting Up, Down and Cross Conversion is now shipping and will be showcased at NAB 2008 in Booth N1725

TV One's new C2 -7310 multi -format, dual channel HD video and audio processor follows the award winning C2 -7200 adding full HD -SDI multi -channel audio processing. The new C2 -7310 was created to address the evolving needs of the Broadcast and Professional Video markets and supports virtually every bi -directional SDTV -to -HDTV conversion imaginable all within a compact 1 RU enclosure.

The superior audio processing capability of the C2 -7310 allows the user to mix, route and delay any of the possible 16 SD/HD -SDI embedded stereo channels from the two HD -SDI inputs and 16 inputs of AES3 -id stereo audio channels, process them (including broadcast quality sample -rate conversion), and output them as AES3 -id stereo audio or embedded into the two HD -SDI outputs. Because of its dual -channel nature, the C2 -7310 can do this independently for the two channels, with each output having up to eight stereo audio channels of the same or different audio. External AES3 -id inputs and outputs are via two HD44 connectors at the rear of the unit, which can be linked to various A2 -7000 audio format conversion units to provide AES3 -id on BNC, AES3 on XLR or analog audio on XLR or terminal blocks.

The C2 -7310 adds all this audio processing power to the video processing capability found in the previous C2 -7000 Series products. Beyond its versatility as a dual channel Up/Cross/Down Converter for SD and HD, the C2 -7310 offers a vast array of advanced features including multi -format glitch -free switching, dual picture -in -picture, edge blending, chroma/luma key, aspect ratio conversion, logo insertion and much more.

Serving as the central force behind this level of functionality are two completely independent scaling engines and two video mixers which utilize TV One's proprietary CORIO®2 technology. True 4:4:4 processing provides full -bandwidth colour for precise keying, including soft keys. The device has 11 inputs accommodating multiple HD -SDI, SD -SDI, DVI, YPbPr, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YUV, CV and YC signals, as well as all HDTV formats and any PC resolution up to 2048x2048. All of these formats may be freely mixed within the unit via cut, fade or special effect transitions. The two independent output channels each offer SDI (SD or HD), DVI -I, any RGB format and CV and YC. Armed with the ability to alter the aspect ratio of any input, the unit also allows different SDTV and HDTV images to be intermixed in any operating mode.

The secret behind the flexibility of TV One's CORIO®2 circuitry is rooted in a dynamically reprogrammable conversion engine that transcends the fixed capabilities of third -party chip sets commonly used as the central building blocks in traditional video processors.

Local control is provided by the 48 -button CORIO® EXP Front Panel designed expressly for handling live events. These buttons plus the multi -way navigation control and integrated LCD bring all the control needed for quick and easy access right to the front panel. The device can also be remotely controlled via an RS -232 or IP interface. A Windows control panel is included and the optional CC -300 Hardware Control Panel provides the look and feel of a production switcher. Like all other CORIO®2 -based products, firmware updates for the C2 -7310 can be downloaded for free from TV One's website.

These new products will be showing on the TV One Stand N1725 at NAB 2008 being held in Las Vegas on 14th to 17th April. The entire TV One product range can also be found on the website

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