2008 Buildy Awards - Santa Clara, May 20 -22

Clasma Events announce that the 5th annual 2008 Buildy Awards Program is to take place at ConnectivityWeek being held in Santa Clara, CA, May 20-22, 2008

DALLAS, TEXAS - February 29, 2008 - With the theme for ConnectivityWeek 2008 being "Empowering the Energy Revolution" the aim of the 2008 Buildy Awards is to increase awareness of the benefits of smart device connectivity and honor successful implementation strategies. The 2008 Awards program also sees the launch of several new award categories including the Green Initiative award and the GridWise Applied award.

This will be the fifth annual Buildy Awards Ceremony and is part of ConnectivityWeek 2008 which is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center at the heart of Silicon Valley California, May 20 -22nd.

Whether the primary specialty is control networks for Intelligent Building Systems, Access Control, HVAC, Lighting, Security, IT, Green Buildings, Intelligent Homes, Industrial solutions or power grid initiatives, the Buildy Awards recognize the individuals and organizations who have stepped up to the challenge of integrating systems into the entire scheme of connectivity. These individuals and organizations support the vision of connected control systems in which disparate systems are seamlessly integrated together to provide greater value from a technology investment.

2008 Award Categories

• Vision - This award will be presented to the industry professional who best demonstrates a vision of connectivity between various industries, technologies and energies through advocacy, promotion, educational and training endeavors.

• Open Initiative - This award honors a company or organization that has shown or launched a key initiative to enable or otherwise forward the subject of connecting intelligent systems. The initiative must be targeted specifically in the relevant technical or commercial subject surrounding connectivity of structures and energy.

• Green Initiative - This award honors the company or organization that has launched an initiative to use smart device connectivity to further the deployment or use of Green technologies and energy efficiency.

• Best New Product - This award honors a manufacturer whose new product or service overcame a significant challenge, enhanced, or simplified the smart device connectivity process, in the context of green energy.

• Building Connectivity Implementation - This award will be presented to the integrator, building owner or consultant with the most progressive building supporting the vision of whole building integration and intelligent buildings. The building must be currently occupied.

• Home Connectivity Implementation - This award will be presented to the developer or installer that uses smart device connectivity to best demonstrate energy efficiency in a residential application.

• GridWise Applied -Two awards will be presented, one to an organization for the best Smart Grid product, implementation, or project in accordance with GridWise Architecture Council interoperability principles and a second to an individual who best exemplifies the application of these principles.

• Automated Demand Response (DR) Implementation - This award will be presented to a company that has used smart device connectivity technologies to implement the best -automated DR project.

Participation is open to all industry professionals, systems integrators, technology manufacturers, building owners, and consulting engineers. Candidates may enter the competition by nominating themselves, their own company, or their peers.

All submissions will be reviewed by the ConnectivityWeek board to determine finalists for each category and the winners will be elected by ballot by the attendees of ConnectivityWeek. The ballot box will be closed lunchtime on Thursday May 22nd. Winners will be announced at the Industry Gala, Thursday, May 22nd, at ConnectivityWeek in Santa Clara, CA. Nominees must be present or have a representative present to win.

If you have any questions, please contact Frank Capuano at 505 -301 -5166 or via email at buildy@clasma.com.

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