TV One Demonstrate their Ingenuity at ISE 2008

The CORIOflex system nominated for an InAVation Award 2008 being demonstrated at ISE in Amsterdam next week.

TV One's CORIOflex system has been recognized for its innovation and originality and has been nominated for the "Most InAVative Video processing or distribution product for Commercial Use" award at the up -coming 2008 EMEA InAVation Awards 2008 being held in Amsterdam in January. The uniqueness of this product system allows the integrator to decide the number and type of video inputs, outputs and features. It is designed so that one C2 video processor acts as a base unit and a variety of S2 Expansion units may be added to make a custom switcher/scaler known as a CORIOflex system. There are almost limitless combinations and units can be easily interchanged making it extremely flexible and cost effective.

"We are thrilled that the CORIOflex system has been nominated for this award," says Steven Mattingly, Managing Director of TV One. "The CORIOflex modules give integrators a chance to be their own architects and build a system that fits their install needs exactly. We believe that this kind of flexibility, coupled with its cost -effectiveness is unique in todays market and it is wonderful to be recognized for this."

CORIOflex units are interconnected via the rear panel Options Connectors to become fully integrated from a video/audio flow and control standpoint. For example, when a C2 switcher/scaler's inputs are increased using multiple S2 Input Expansion Modules, the entire system functions as a single unit. All available inputs appear with equal status, regardless if they are directly on the C2 unit or via an attached S2 unit.

Building a CORIOflex system is easy. A system integrator simply chooses a base C2 -1000 Series or C2 -2000 Series unit with their desired features such as Up, Down and Cross Conversion of PC, DVI, SDI, Component Video, S -Video and Composite Video signals, genlock, picture -in -picture window layering, edgeblending, mixing, luma and chroma keying. Extra inputs can then be added to the base C2 unit using the available Input Expansion modules from TV One such as 9 extra PC inputs and/or 5 extra DVI inputs with Audio and/or 10 extra Composite Video Inputs and so on. There is a whole range of C2 base units and S2 Series Input Expansion Modules to choose from so you can be sure that you will be able to produce exactly the Switcher/Scaler system that you need and because it is modular, extra units can be added and/or taken away at any time giving ultimate flexibility for future projects.

When it comes to controlling the CORIOflex system, there are several options including a Windows Control Panel, a single RS -232 interface and in the case of systems based on the C2 -2000 series, an IP interface is provided. CORIOflex models include all rackmounting accessories. Since CORIOflex is firmware based like all CORIO®2 products, new firmware can be uploaded quickly and easily at no extra cost to the user.

This fantastic modular system as well as all TV One products can be found on the TV One website Alternatively you can contact our European Sales Department on +44 (0) 1843 873311 or at

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