New Audio Input Expansion Range for the C2 -7300 Series

TV One introduces the new Audio Input Expansion Range for the C2-7300 Series of Video/Audio Processors at ISE 2008

TV One have another exciting new product to unveil at the ISE 2008 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam next month. With the new arrival of the C2 -7310 Dual Channel Video and Audio Processor, TV One expands the range even further with a series of Audio Input Expansion boxes adding more audio inputs to the existing C2 -7300 product range.

Both the A2 -7302 and the A2 -7342 Audio Expansion units will be making their debut at ISE 2008 on the TV One Stand and visitors will be able to see them working in conjunction with the new C2 -7310 video/audio processor. Connected as AES -3id audio on an HD -44 connector, the A2 -7302 adds a further 8 inputs and outputs to the C2 -7310 video/audio processor of Digital Balanced AES Audio via XLR connectors. The AES audio channels can also be synchronised to a DARS using the BNC connector on the back of the unit.

Similarly, the A2 -7342 Audio Expansion unit can also be connected to a C2 -7310. Powered by an external power supply, this premium -quality unit can accommodate 4 analog balanced Stereo Audio inputs via XLR connectors. These analog inputs are converted to digital at either 32, 44.1, 48 or 96 KHz, manually selectable by a switch control on the rear panel of the unit and fed into the C2 -7310 scaler as AES -3id using an HD -44 connector. It can then be processed and embedded to a video signal using the C2 -7310 Scaler or it can be fed back into the A2 -7342 using the same HD -44 connector. There are 4 available balanced analog stereo audio outputs on the A2 -7342 via XLR connectors. All of the audio channels on the A2 -7342 can also be synchronised to a DARS using the BNC connector available.

Both of these new products are being demonstrated at the up -coming ISE 2008 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam from 29th to 31st January next year. You can still register for your free ticket to this show using TV One's unique invite code; visit the TV One Website for more details. Alternatively call our European Sales Department on +44 (0) 1843 873311.

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