Convert your complete analogue video collection into digital data and save it on your computer or burn it on DVD.

Just when you had finally completed collecting your favourite videos, the world moved over to DVDs. It is a great development of course; stored digitally, your films can be saved indefinitely. But replacing your entire collection of videotapes with DVDs is quite expensive. Marmitek solves this problem with the introduction of Octopus. With this device, you can convert your complete analogue video collection into digital data and save it on your computer. Burn all your files on DVD and rescue your priceless memories of a marriage, the christening ceremony, or a family party from oblivion.

Spending a rainy Sunday afternoon watching old movies with your children, is now a reality. Leave it to Octopus to provide nostalgia and a cosy feeling in your home this autumn and winter. Marmitek, the company that often comes up with smart solutions for your home since many years, focuses on the seasons and the time which families spend together. Children of the present generation, whether those who go to primary schools or secondary, are hardly aware of how their parents and grandparents used to sit together listening to music or watching movies. The fast moving technology of the last twenty years has failed to take into account the need to share the lifestyle of the past with the people of the present. Octopus has arrived to take care of that.

The name Octopus originates from its ability to make many different devices communicate with each other. Complicated? Arthur van Horssen of Marmitek explains how simple Octopus makes it: 'It is a simple matter of 'everything is possible'. With an Octopus and a computer at hand, everyone can secure the quality of their video tapes or video8 tapes once and for all. The Octopus digitalizes the data and sends it to the computer. After that, the possibilities become infinite, as we know. Burning DVDs, cutting and pasting, editing, superimposing; it's all at your command. The digitalized data is not just for the owner; it can also be shared with friends and family, or made available to the world, by uploading it to websites such as Hyves and YouTube".

The Octopus literally opens up a world of possibilities. It doesn't just end at digitalizing sound and image; this unit also works as an external TV -card. This means that the computer works as a TV. In most cases, a TV -card needs to be installed into the computer, which means the computer casing needs to be opened for the installation, and that isn't even possible in case of laptops. 'Much too complicated and unnecessary' says Marmitek. The Octopus gets connected to the computer with a single cable, and is ready for use. The advantages of a TV -to -computer connection are quite clear: the computer room changes into a TV room at any desired moment, and all members of the family can watch their favourite programs together, without the need of a second TV, which also means saving money. Marmitek has set the advised sale price of Octopus at € 79.95, whereas professional companies charge huge sums of money for digitalizing sound and image. With an Octopus in your home, you can look forward to many hours of listening and viewing pleasure.

For more information and sale -point addresses, please visit www.marmitek.com.

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