TDVision Systems Inc. Endorses and Financially Supports \'Meant to be Seen\'

'Meant to be Seen'( earns additional credibility and leverage with sponsorship from leading Head Mounted Display manufacturer!

Toronto, Ontario October 24, 2007 Meant to be Seen (, the worlds first and only stereoscopic 3D certification and advocacy group, is proud to announce TDVision Systems Inc. as a valued addition to their sponsorship team.

?Stereoscopic 3D (S -3D) refers to media that displays images with true volumetric depth through the assistance of special monitors, projectors, glasses, and head mounted displays. With characters and explosions popping out of home screens, and scene depth so real that players want to reach inside, this technology gives an exciting thrill to video games, and is quickly becoming the equipment of choice for avid gamers. ??Non -proprietary and independently run, MTBS represents the interests of both S -3D solutions and consumers by encouraging programming standards in the game development industry, determining video game compatibility with the technology, and growing a valuable online community of passionate gamers. ?
In just over seven months, MTBS has earned over 1,700 registered members, nearly 3,500 forum posts, and over 6,000 unique visitors a month. For MTBS to further its goals, we needed the cooperation of additional leading manufacturers to jointly build leverage and move the industry forward. We couldnt ask for a better addition than TDVision Systems Inc., said Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

TDVision ( manufactures head mounted displays with resolutions as high as 1280 X 768 (720p for video), a specification unheard of in consumer HMD markets until now. The TDVisor has a virtual 108 diagonal screen with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. They also make the TDVCam, a high definition stereoscopic 3D video camera that lets consumers record video in TRUE 3D. Finally, their AlterSpace software solution offers a completely Stereoscopic 3D virtual world where users can interact and view 3D video content.

A few years ago when TDVision started development, there was virtually no support for stereoscopic 3D from game companies and hardware manufacturers. Now in 2007, MTBS is actively promoting the mass adoption of S -3D gaming technology by letting gamers voices be heard, encouraging positive change in the industry, and creating influence where there was none before. MTBS is clearly working! Gamers from all over the world are asking for hardware support and best practice 3D coding standards from game developers, and this is a positive and trend setting way of doing things, explained Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, President & CEO of TDVision Systems Inc. ??While our main goal is to move S -3D forward, is a place for all gamers. We have all kinds of discussion forums, game servers, voice chat services, downloads, and more, Schneider explained. ??Game developers, video game enthusiasts, and all interested parties are encouraged to register for free at ??Contact: ?Ms. Carol Warren
Antarra Communications
Tel. 714 -891 -3660
Cel. 714 -865 -6735
Toll Free 866 -268 -2772

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