Programmable, Remote Controlled Mounting Solution Designed to Manage the Largest Screens and Recessed Mounting Location Options

West Covina, CA, October 22, 2007 - CLO Systems, an industry leader in advanced mounting solutions for flat panel displays, is shipping its award -winning X -arm™ robotic mount for elegant and secure movement of today's largest flat panel displays. CLO's exclusive X -arm is available now for custom installations that accommodate plasma or LCD flat panel TVs from 40 - to 63 -inch sizes, and screen weights of up to 180 pounds.

"The X -arm has proven itself to our dealers' installation designers and technicians to be sturdy and strong enough to provide a reliable mount for these large screens," said Ken Nguyen, director of sales and marketing at CLO Systems. "It is the only robotic mount that can tilt, swivel and extend the bigger screens without a hint of stress or failure."

The X -arm is also the choice for installations that require the display to recess into a cabinet or étagčre. The arm easily moves the screen in and out of the cabinet and then using the remote control, the robotic arm adjusts the viewing angle of flat panel displays in order to eliminate glare, reflection, and off -axis viewing problems. Cable management provisions include full concealment via a bellows located behind the display. The same bellows also prohibits foreign objects from interfering with the movement of the actuators. A universal mounting attachment kit is provided to facilitate easy coupling with the flat panel.

At the touch of a button on the provided universal remote control or via a RS -232 controlled touch panel, X -arm's Robotic Display Mounting Solution (RDMS™) smoothly extends, even the largest TV, 12 inches allowing the viewer to then adjust the swivel left/right range of motion from 20ş to 28ş (depending on display size) in either direction, and tilt range up to 20ş down and 7ş up until the optimum glare -free, on -axis viewing angle is obtained and stored. Four programmable memory locations are provided to recall viewing preferences for day and night, or user one and two.

"X -arm's sturdy design and mechanisms guarantee that even installations of the largest flat panel displays are secure and flexible," said Nguyen. "This X -arm solution, in conjunction with its one -touch remote operation capabilities, also allows the end user to have the TV installed exactly where they want it, even inside a cabinet or home theater equipment case for fully recessed and hidden placement opportunities."

X -arm is available exclusively through CLO System's strategic partners Chief | Sanus Systems; model # CM7 at and model# LA112 -B1 at

About CLO Systems, LLC
California -based CLO Systems, LLC was founded in 2005 to provide advanced robotic and manual mounting solutions for challenging consumer and Pro AV installations. CLO's team of robotic engineers and designers create and deliver inspired, elegant mounting solutions for today's demanding flat panel display applications. For more information on CLO Systems, please visit


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