Minicom's Latest KVM IP Gateway Sets New Industry Benchmark

PX - the first KVM IP Gateway designed to answer the needs of both data center managers, business administrators and remote support providers.

Jerusalem, Israel - Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading manufacturer of KVM solutions for remote server management, announces the launch of the PX - the first KVM IP Gateway designed to answer the needs of both data center managers, business administrators and remote support providers. The smart and compact single -port device is the latest cutting -edge IP solution from Minicom, providing secure BIOS level access to computers or servers over a standard Web browser.

The PX is the first KVM IP Gateway to feature a combination of:
• Virtual Media capability - allowing you to mount a local USB or CD -ROM drive to a remote server. Patch management and complete installation of the local operating system can be made without having to be physically present, making it ideal for data center managers and remote support of mission -critical applications.
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) or external power supply - ideal for any power environment.
• Absolute Mouse Support - providing improved performance by eliminating the need for periodic adjustments to mouse synchronization on the target servers.
• Management compatible - through the PX, multiple racks of servers can be managed by Minicom's global centralized server management system, and new servers can be easily and cost -effectively added. The device's 'non -blocking' capability between any number of users and any number of servers makes it ideal for growing data centers running high volumes of user -server traffic.

According to Eran Kessel, Minicom's VP for Marketing, "The PX sets a new industry benchmark with an unrivaled combination of features that answer any remote server access requirement, and it comes in a device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The system is ideal for data centers wanting unlimited access to servers without the delay of 'blocking' KVM switches; and it's BIOS level access with Virtual Media gives remote support service providers or small business administrators an unprecedented level of control, install and download capability to a remote computer or server, freeing the user from the limits of geography and time."

For more about the PX and other Minicom KVM solutions go to or for a FREE online demo:

About Minicom Advanced Systems
Minicom Advanced Systems is a leading manufacturer of KVM server management solutions that enhance access and control of the enterprise and corporate IT environments. Founded in 1988, the company has a global presence in over 100 countries, with regional headquarters in North America and Europe. In 2006 Minicom was named a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 company, a testament to the success of its technological innovations in generating company growth.

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