LIFT -TECH Launches Next Generation Swivel Control for Motorized Flat Panel TV Lift

The Addition of Three Programmable Position Presets Eliminates the Days of Having to Adjust the Flat Panel's Position Every Time the Lift is Engaged

VALENCIA, Calif., Sept. 25, 2007 - LIFT -TECH (, the industry leader in motorized flat panel television lifts, is proud to announce the launch of its next generation swivel control for the company's acclaimed line of motorized flat panel TV lifts. The new swivel control system will be introduced in December, and is included in the price of the lift.

"The new swivel control still includes all of the benefits of the original, but now is even more efficient and features additional programming and operational capabilities," explained Russ Fawkes, LIFT -TECH general manager. "One huge new benefit is the addition of three programmable position presets, so once you have your viewing angles exactly as you want them, the simple push of a button will raise and swivel the flat panel to those exact same positions every time. Gone are the days of having to adjust the flat panel's position every time the lift is engaged."

The LIFT -TECH controller for motorized up/down/swivel lifts is highly sophisticated and utilizes the latest computer chip technology to control the lift's functions. LIFT -TECH's state -of -the -art features provide the benefits of precise, reliable, and easy operation.

New features of the updated LT -200 -S Series swivel lift controller include:
• "TV" type IR remote control
• IR eye input; (2) IR repeater output
• Manual override of lift, swivel, and solenoid operation
• Simultaneous RF and IR operation
• Higher resolution swivel position reading (12 bit vs. 10 bit A/D converter)
• More efficient and electrically quiet solenoid drive
• RS -232 serial port with plans for future terminal interface
• 3 -Position programmable presets on IR control
• 3 -Position programmable preset discrete inputs
• Universal input voltage 110 -240Vac, 50/60Hz. Change cord for worldwide use.
• Behaves as an up/down only controller if "learned" without swivel platform connected

The LT -200 -S Series of motorized up/down/swivel lifts is typically used for lifting and swiveling flat -panel TVs by remote control. The most frequent use of this device is in an 'end -of -bed' TV cabinet where the motorized swivel facilitates viewing the TV from the bed, as well as from a seating area across the room. Lifts with the motorized swivel feature are also used to allow viewing the TV from different rooms, and different seating areas within the same room.

"The LT -200 -S Series features all steel, welded construction with remarkably stable rack and pinion operation," added Fawkes. "No synthetic gears to deteriorate, no maintenance required. Backed by a three year limited warranty, LIFT -TECH's state -of -the -art control systems, the most advanced in the industry, allow for control by radio remote, infrared remote, and by low voltage/contact closure control interface with a home automation system."

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