PeerBox™ Mobile Crosses 100,000 User Milestone

First Ever P2P service for mobile phones, allows users to access and share virtually unlimited music, videos, and user generated content

Beverly Hills, California - September 18, 2007 - PeerBox by Nareos, a popular P2P mobile downloading application, announced today that its beta version has been adopted, through viral marketing, by 100,000 unique users. The company, a nominee for the MIPCOM Mobile TV & Internet "Best Mobile Service for Social Community & User -Generated Content" award, has also been selected as one of 25 companies worldwide to present at the exclusive DEMO Germany Conference taking place on October 16th.

While online social networking has become today's must -have internet tool, PeerBox Mobile goes beyond basic social networking features, providing entertainment, communication, and creative outlets to users anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones.

"We are thrilled to be gaining momentum at such speed, as our service is now being used in over 170 countries," said Alexander Lazovsky, CEO of Nareos. "The tremendous word of mouth distribution, industry recognition and adoption rate of our platform is proof that people are looking for a way to socialize, create and share content without being tied to a computer. We look forward to future successes with pending partnerships on the horizon."

As the only mobile application incorporating global P2P file -sharing, legitimate on -device access to millions of songs, videos and pictures, and a social networking platform, PeerBox Mobile enables users to access and share unlimited content. PeerBox Mobile's advanced technology, complete with user -generated video and picture streaming capabilities, allows users to create personal channels filled with content they generate and can share with their friends. Compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, PeerBox Mobile is easily installed free -of -charge through one -click downloading directly from the mobile phone.

Through creative activities such as the "PeerBox Stars" Best User -Generated Video competition, in which over 2000 items have already been submitted generating over 100,000 mobile views, PeerBox encourages users to go wild with creativity. The competition allows people to vote for their favorite user generated content in 10 different categories (Animation, Arts, Cars, Comedy, Computers, Games, Music, Nature, Pets, Sports) through the simple push of a button on the PeerBox screen.

Analysts expect social networking to be the next boom for mobile phone operators, and with their flagship product advanced well beyond basic social networking capabilities, PeerBox Mobile is already establishing an active community of mobile users.

PeerBox by Nareos is available for download free of charge, and will be demonstrating at DEMO Germany October 15 -16. For more information please visit


About Nareos
Nareos Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. Nareos was established in January 2005, and develops know -how and services at the junction of Mobile Social Networking and Peer -to -Peer Networking. The company's innovative P2P file -sharing core technology is protected by 7 international patent applications.

The company's flagship product, PeerBox Mobile, is the first true peer -to -peer service for the mobile, incorporating global P2P file -sharing, legitimate on -device access to millions of songs, videos and pictures, and a social networking platform. PeerBox Mobile enables users to access and share unlimited content.
For more information, please visit
Media Contact:
Gabriella Lawrence
Ruder Finn Israel for Nareos
Tel: + 972 2 589 2011

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