With advanced features and performance, the PD Thin Display Series is targeted at the most discriminating customers.

Denver, CO - CEDIA 2007 - Bolstering its specialty home theater offerings, Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, is showcasing its four highly -anticipated 1080p full -HD LCD flat -panel home theater displays. The 37 -inch PD370, 42 -inch PD420, 47 -inch PD470, and 52 -inch PD520 represent the latest step forward in the company's strategic plan to deliver specialty, displays to the global high -end home theater market.

Incorporating cutting -edge technology and progressive product specifications designed exclusively for home integrators and their customers, Planar's new LCD full -HD flat -panel displays deliver full HD available (1080p) as well as dynamic contrast and brightness for clear and crisp pictures. Available in unique, elegant diamond -polished black lacquer anodized aluminum bezels that suit the discerning homeowner's decor, Planar's PD370, PD420,PD470, and PD520 LCD full -HD 1080p flat -panel displays offer the aesthetic and performance features that appeal to customers and integrators who desire modern home theater solutions.

With these new home theater displays, Planar has leveraged its 23 years of expertise as a top manufacturer of specialty displays for demanding applications; these new products deliver the same exceptional detail and performance.

"The addition of the PD370, PD420, PD470 and PD520LCD full -HD 1080p flat -panel displays to our home theater line gives us another opportunity to provide customers with comprehensive home theater display solutions," said Scott Hix, vice president and general manager, Planar Systems Inc. Home Theater."We have leveraged Planar's history and relationships to create a comprehensive line of display products for the home theater market, from the ambient -light rejection Xscreen to a complete line of home theater projectors and now multiple sizes of the full -HD 1080p flat -panel LCDs."

Planar's PD370, PD420 and PD470 full -HD 1080p LCD flat -panel displays offer:
- - 1080p full -HD resolution
- - Support for various signal formats, including 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
- - Front and rear IR windows
- - Advanced video processing using Faroudja DCDi
- - Multiple HDMI with HDCP encryption support
- - PiP and PbP support
- - Integrated SRS speakers
- - Discrete function remote control

Planar's display heritage, supplier relationships and history of innovation have put the company in a unique position to provide home theater resellers and their customers with a wide selection of specialty displays for any home theater application. Now providing an array of displays, ranging from 37 inches to amazing 10 and 12 -foot images, Planar can address the unique needs and preferences of home theater aficionados and home integrators. In addition, Planar's wide range of specialty display products, combined with its unique business proposition and customer service and support, enable channel partners and their customers to standardize on the Planar brand for all high -end specialty home theater display needs.

Available exclusively through Authorized Planar Home Theater Dealers, the PD420 and PD470 are now shipping; MSRP is $2,999 and $3,999, respectively. The PD370 and PD520 will be shipping late September 2007; MSRP is $2,299 and $6,999, respectively.

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Planar Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ:PLNR) is a leading provider of value -added display hardware and software for a variety of specialty display markets worldwide. Hospitals, shopping centers, banks, government agencies, transportation businesses and home theater enthusiasts depend on Planar to provide unique display -based solutions to exacting requirements leveraging its operational excellence, technical innovation and go -to -market capabilities. Founded in 1983, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA, with offices, manufacturing partners and customers worldwide. For more information, visit

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