ELAN® Announces CEDIA Debut for System8 Multi -Room A/V Controllers

New Control Platform to Debut with Two Models Offering Full A/V Control from Any Room in the House

DENVER, CO - CEDIA EXPO BOOTH #610 - ELAN® Home Systems, a leading manufacturer of award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems, announced today the CEDIA trade debut of its new System8 Multi -Room A/V Controllers. Featuring eight audio source inputs, eight composite video source inputs, and 6 listening and viewing zones, the new System8 is in keeping with ELAN's mission to develop feature -rich yet affordable new product platforms. The announcement was made by Bob Farinelli, ELAN's President and Chief Technical Officer.

Based on the award -winning technologies of ELAN's S6 and S12 Multi -Room Controllers, the System8 platform includes two models, the S8.6AV and S8.6AVP, that combine all the virtues of ELAN's most affordable, entry -level system with the powerful features and flexibility of the company's flagship model to bring customers the most versatile, scalable, and feature -rich multi -room entertainment system available today. The System8 family completes ELAN's latest "good -better -best" offering for the finest in multi -room controllers.

Eight audio/video inputs allow users to choose from all their favorite music and video sources - CDs, DVDs, Satellite Radio, TV - and even all content residing on their iPod®. With System8, users will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of all these and more, independently, in six different rooms. Up to four controllers can be linked together, providing users with complete flexibility to create customized systems just right for their home.

Both models incorporate many powerful features such as bass, treble, loudness EQ and programmable turn -on levels for each zone, whole -house music, and A/V source -sensing for system feedback at keypads and touch panels; all at a price that defies common industry trends.

The S8.6AV model provides homeowners with everything they need to turn their entire home into a ready -to -play entertainment system, including an integrated 12 -channel x 40 WPC amplifier that pumps all the clean musical power you need to speakers in every room. The S8.6AVP model is the PreAmp -only version of the S8.6AV and offers the flexibility to customize the power delivered to each room. With seven ELAN amplifiers to choose from, encompassing both analog and digital state -of -the -art technologies, the S8.6AVP can be matched with a wide range of channel and power options.

Compatible with all of ELAN's award -winning user interfaces, the S8.6AV and S8.6AVP can be controlled from any room with the user's choice of volume controls, basic keypads, the groundbreaking family of Olé™ Film Interactive Touchpads, or a selection of in -wall, tabletop, under -cabinet, and wireless color touch panels. From basic to advanced, ELAN has a user -friendly solution for every room.

"ELAN's new System8.6 controllers build on the incredible success of our popular System6 and System12 Multi -Room Controllers and perfectly round out and complement our line -up of control platforms. These new models have been designed to directly fill the specialty Dealer's need to distribute more A/V sources to more rooms with a very cost effective, all -in -one solution," said Mr. Farinelli. "Between ELAN's S6, Z -Series, S12 and the new S8.6 - ELAN has a good, better and best solution for every installation."

The S8.6AV will carry an MSRP of $2000.000. The S8.6AVP will have an MSRP of $1400.00. Both are expected to ship in October, 2007. To see the new S8.6 models in action, stop by ELAN's booth #610 at CEDIA 2007 in Denver, Colorado.

About ELAN Home Systems:
ELAN Home Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative, award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems. Based in Lexington, KY, the company's systems were the first to integrate audio, video, phones and third -party products to create a seamless, easy -to -use "whole house" experience. The company's unique products provide complete lifestyle, feature -rich solutions, yet can be configured to fit the specific needs of every homeowner. ELAN products are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States, Canada and 58 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

ELAN is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC, Lexington, KY. VIA! is a registered trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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