3 Styles of best -selling Stinger® Power Wire are now shipping

Clearwater, Fl., September, 2007 - Some companies use aluminum cables, copper-clad aluminum cables (CCA), or under-gauge wire.

Stinger PRO, HPM and XPRT Power Wire is made of True -Spec™ tinned Oxygen -free Copper to ensure maximum current transfer.

PRO Power Wire The new wire features a heat - and chemical -resistant jacket and Oxygen -free Copper (OFC) high strand count for the most durable and flexible PRO Power line ever.
The line includes translucent red and black 0 gauge (SPW10TR and SPW10TB), 4 gauge (SPW14TR250, SPW14TR, SPW14TB250, and SPW14TB), 8 gauge (SPW18TR500, SPW18TR, SPW18TB500, and SPW18TB), and 10 gauge (SPW110TR and SPW110TB) wire. All of the wire is available in varying lengths.
These conductors feature tighter twisting for increased copper content, delivering optimal flexibility and minimizing resistance. The PVC jacket also provides the highest -quality insulation from the harshest automotive environments.

HPM Premium Power Wire. The HPM Premium Power Wire line features an advanced PVC jacket and tighter rope lay for maximum current transfer to sophisticated, high -amperage systems.
The complete HPM Premium Power Wire line includes translucent Matte Blue, Matte Gray, and Matte Clear 1/0 gauge (SHW10B, SHW10G, and SHW10C), 4 gauge (SHW14B, SHW14G, and SHW14C), and 8 gauge (SHW18B, SHW18G, and SHW18C) wire. All of the wire is available in varying lengths.
Stinger HPM Premium Power Wire is made with a 70% higher twist rate than most other similar -gauge wire. The hyper -twist design boasts tighter reverse -lay construction and the most copper per square inch of any Stinger cable to date. The result is remarkable flexibility, reduced resistance and superb conductivity for high -powered car audio systems.

XPRT Power Wire Featuring a flat oval design and Uber -Flex technology, the new XPRT Power Wire allows for easy, space -saving installs while transferring significantly more current than premium 1/0 gauge wire.
The complete XPRT Power Wire Series includes translucent Matte Clear and Matte Gray 3 gauge (SXW13C and SXW13G), 1/0 gauge (SXW10C and SXW10G), and 3/0 gauge (SXW130C and SXW130G) wire.
Its Uber -Flex technology provides super -tight reverse -lay construction for the most copper per square inch of any Stinger wire to date. The result is maximum current transfer and flexibility with very little resistance.
The flat oval design of Stinger XPRT wire makes for easy installs. When laid flat, all of the wire is actually lower in height than standard 1/0 cable, allowing installers to perform space -saving runs to the most intricate systems. Despite the wire's massive power capabilities, these runs lay flatter and can make tighter turns than many 1/0 cables.
The wire's insulation is designed for optimal performance. Heat -, oil -, and chemical -resistant, the jacket protects the wire from the harshest automotive environments. Along with the flat oval design, the smooth matte finish of the jacket also enables the wire to slide more easily during installation.
In addition to the wire, Stinger provides oval wire adaptors that adapt all three XPRT cables to any standard round 1/0 or 4 gauge power input terminal block -allowing the wire to be used with any system.

With the new PRO, HPM and XPRT wire, Stinger combines remarkable flexibility and extreme power connectivity to high -end, high -amperage systems -showing, once again, its strong commitment to developing the world's best car audio accessories. For more information, visit www.stingerelectronics.com or call a Stinger sales representative at 727 -572 -9255.

The MSRP of the PRO Power Wire ranges from $0.65/foot to $6.26/foot.
The MSRP of the HPM Premium Power Wire ranges from $1.00/foot to $6.50/foot.
The MSRP of the XPRT Power Wire Series ranges from $4.00/foot to $12.67/foot.

About AAMP of America:
AAMP of America is a global supplier of a broad spectrum of car and home audio video accessories, installation supplies and OEM integration solutions. AAMP of America brings many new technologies to the forefront including; convergence of personal audio devices into the automotive environment, integration of mobile video into OEM systems, and storefront point of purchase profit centers.
AAMP of America can be found on the Web at www.aampofamerica.com. For more information please contact Stephen Ansley at 727 -572 -9255 or stephen.ansley@aampofamerica.com.

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