Savant Systems Announces Suite of ROSIE In -Wall Touchpanels

Savant Systems, LLC has announced that a suite of ROSIE In-wall Touchpanels are in development for future release.

Osterville, MA. September, 2007 - Savant Systems LLC, with a visionary approach to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance -friendly open platform, has announced that a suite of ROSIE In -wall Touchpanels are in development for future release.

The ROSIE line of in -wall touchpanels provides convenient, intuitive and graphically -rich control of leading industry components and services. They are offered in 5, 7, 9, and 12 -inch sizes with WVGA TFT LCD displays. All buttons are configurable for single or multiple functions providing the capability to place your favorite scenes and services conveniently at your fingertips. Setup and customization of the touchscreens is powered by RacePoint Blueprint™.

Home Control:

• WVGA TFT LCD displays
• Multiple source system controller
• Easy wall mounting
• Replaces traditional hard button keypads

Digital Media Control:

• Multi -zone audio control interface
• Video streaming interface
• Security or CCTV cameras
• SD full motion video
• Customizable playlists/smart playlists
• Customizable parental controls
• Display full metadata including cover art

Setup, Installation and Customization:

• Customizable GUI with a palette of preloaded themes (motifs) and buttons
• Setup and customization of screens powered by RacePoint Blueprint™
• 4 programmable hard buttons
• Effortlessly placed in strategic household locations
• Integrated mounting tabs for easy dry wall installation
• Bezel or trim plates are available in black or white
• Optional rough -in boxes available

About Savant: Savant was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real -world experience in peripheral applications such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. The Savant Team is committed to redefining the Home Control Systems industry with a visionary solution to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance -friendly open platform. The Savant product suite is distinguished by an unparalleled blend of cutting -edge technology and advanced next -generation graphics.

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