Offer New Digital Cable Combiner for 8 TVs Next Generation Modulation Solution for Digital Cable

Patent Pending Solution Enables Industry's Only Modulation Solution for Digital Cable Without Filters

DENVER - Sept. 4, 2007 - CEDIA EXPO 2007 - Booth # 336 - Channel Vision, a leading provider of technology for the Well Connected Home™ - announces the Affinity™ 3x8 Digital Cable Combiner

(P -0328). The Affinity is the industry's next generation solution for modulating on digital cable systems.
The Affinity 3x8 Digital Cable Combiner is Channel Vision's patent pending innovation to modulated video distribution over digital cable. With Affinity, installers can integrate modulated signals into a digital cable system without the need for RF filters. This allows several modulated channels to be integrated with a full digital cable feed without requiring digital channel programming to be lost. The new combiner provides connections for two modulators to be distributed to eight TVs.
Utilizing its IR remote -based source switching, multiple channels are made available for viewing or distributing DVD, satellite, surveillance camera feeds and other video sources.
Building on the success of Channel Vision's Digital Modulation Kits, the new Affinity 3x8 performs all the combining, switching and splitting necessary into a single device. This helps to simplify and reduce installation time and creates a future -proof solution that eliminates digital cable interference and the need for related callbacks.
The Affinity provides a solution to a common installation problem with digital cable. No longer will installers need to determine what channel frequencies to compromise so that the modulated channels may coexist on the same system. This has proven time consuming and confusing for the installer, as well as frustrating for customers. It also eliminates the need for installers to make subsequent service calls to update channel filters each time the cable company changes their line up.
The Affinity 3x8 Digital Cable Combiner includes the P -0328 unit, an IR Coax Adapter with IR -Receiver and a remote control. The P -0328 is designed for mounting directly into a structured wiring enclosure or onto the Channel Vision Hinged Rack Plate, the P -1300, which enables the unit to be mounted in a 19 -inch rack.

By utilizing Affinity's IR infrastructure, installers can create an IR remote control repeating system that works over existing coax cable. In addition to sending control IR signals to the Affinity, this IR repeating system can be used to control other entertainment devices such as DVD players or media servers.
Pricing & Availability
The Affinity 3x8 Digital Combiner (P -0328) will be available early Fall 2007 and can be purchased through Channel Vision's worldwide distribution network of custom retailers, installers, dealers and distributors.

About Channel Vision Technology
Ranked among the Top Structure Wire* providers in the industry, Channel Vision is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for the Well Connected Home.™ The Company's broad -range of solutions are designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents, while equipping homes for greater safety, convenience and entertainment. Channel Vision is proud to provide high quality, dependable products that are backed by its 5 Star Program, one of the finest customer service programs in the industry. The program includes: Free Panel Design & Layout; Customized Manufacturing; Free CEDIA, BICSI and NBFFA Approved Training Classes, 2/10/20 Warranties and 24/7/365 Technical Support. For more information on Channel Vision's family of products, call 800.840.0288 or visit
*Ranked as the third most used for structure wire systems according to the 2006 CE Pro Brand Survey.
Affinity is a patent pending technology and trademark of Channel Vision Technology, 2007

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