New Standard Keyboards Announces Vista Compatibility for its Ergonomic, Alphanumeric Keyboard

New Standard Keyboards has announced that its series of alphanumeric, USB-interface keyboards have been tested and are fully compatible with Microsoft Vista. The company also dropped the price of its keyboard to $59.98.

SANTA MARIA, CA (August 30, 2007) - - New Standard Keyboards (NSK) today announced that its NSK535 series of alphanumeric, USB -interface keyboards have been tested and are fully compatible with Microsoft Vista.

The announcement makes available an alternative Vista -compatible keyboard for educators, students, assistive technology users, and businesses looking for increased productivity. Anyone buying a new system or upgrading can be assured that Vista will recognize the NSK when plugged into the USB port, and the 53 -keys will all be functional.

The company also announced the signing of a distribution agreement with The Keyboard Company,, the United Kingdom's leading distributor of keyboards and data input technologies and a primary product source for resellers and customers in Europe.

NSK also strengthened its assistive technology sales by signing reseller agreements with EnableMart, Ergoguys and The keyboards are immediately available from all distributors and resellers.

New Standard Keyboards offers two versions, with several advances over standard QWERTY keyboards. The NSK535S has a more traditional silver casing with black keys and white letters. The NSK535R features a "rainbow" of color -coded keys corresponding to common keyboard functions.

Both models retain full functionality, but depart from traditional 104 -key QWERTY designs by placing only 53 keys within easy reach from home position. The approach is an alternative for assistive technology users, non -typists who never solved the mystery of QWERTY, media PCs and gaming, as well as for swift business data entry where the clutter of a typical QWERTY keyboard is not needed. The NSK can be learned quickly and differs from other attempts at alphabetical -based designs because it is also efficient for high speed touch -typing.

At 12.5x5x1 -inch thick, the NSK has one of the smallest footprints of any full -functional keyboard for full -sized hands. It supports Windows XP as well as Linux and Vista, and with MS Office it also types additional characters directly from the keys.

The NSK retails for $59.98 and is available from EnableMart, Ergoguys; The Keyboard Company in Europe; and direct from New Standard Keyboards.

About New Standard Keyboards

New Standard Keyboards is headquartered in Santa Maria, California. For more information; contact the company at 805 -925 -2998,,

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