SoundTech Announces LightSnake USB MIDI Cable

The LightSnake USB MIDI cable provides DJs, Laptop Musicians and composers with an easy-to-use, streamlined tool to connect a wide range of musical gear such as keyboards, drum machines and samplers to a Mac or PC. - No driver installs needed.

SoundTech Announces LightSnake USB MIDI Cable

New LightSnake Makes MIDI for Composing and Recording Music Easy For Anyone

Chicago, IL. - August 29, 2007 - SoundTech Professional Audio, a division of US Music Corporation, announced today the LightSnake USB MIDI, an intelligent MIDI -to -PC cable featuring SoundTech's patented "Live when Lit" technology cable ends that glow when properly connected.

The LightSnake USB MIDI cable connects with any standard MIDI instrument or controller and plugs directly into the PC USB port, reducing the setup and clutter traditionally associated with MIDI instruments and composing. The LightSnake USB MIDI provides both MIDI In and MIDI Out allowing your computer to control and communicate with a wide range of musical gear from keyboards and organs to drum machines and legendary samplers such as the AKAI MPC.

Modern Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, such as Sony Acid® Music Studio and Apple GarageBand harness the power of PCs allowing musicians to use MIDI to play samples and software instruments including drum kits, emulations of classic organs and timeless pianos using a standard MIDI compatible keyboard. The LightSnake USB MIDI provides the easiest method to connect a keyboard or MIDI controller to a computer by simply plugging the MIDI end of the LightSnake into the instrument and the USB end to a PC.

The LightSnake USB MIDI is fully plug and play compatible with Windows XP and higher as well as Mac OSX - no driver install is necessary. The LightSnake's streamlined design, ease of use, and "Live when Lit" technology makes it an ideal MIDI solution for DJs and Laptop Musicians who perform in low light clubs.

"With a Laptop, a keyboard and our LightSnake USB MIDI to connect the two, budding composers can create a full fledged orchestral masterpiece," said Larry English, president of Consumer Division at US Music Corp. "We developed the LightSnake USB MIDI to provide an easy -to -use tool that allows musicians to enjoy the benefits of combining musical hardware and software with modern computer technology and applications."

SoundTech LightSnake USB Intelligent MIDI cable features:
• Patented "Live when Lit" technology cable ends light up when connected
• 10 foot heavy -duty shielded cable
• Includes Sony Media Software Demo DVD - Including Acid®, Sound Forge®,
Vegas® and many other titles
• Simple USB plug -and -play connectivity
• Compatible with Win 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Pricing and Availability
The LightSnake USB intelligent MIDI cable will be available in the U.S. through Micro Center and other major music retail outlets with a suggested retail price of $79.99. The LightSnake USB MIDI cable will be distributed in Canada through Erikson. For Canadian retail locations please visit For more information on retail availability, please visit

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