Lenbrook America to Be Exclusive Distributor of QED Premium Quality Cables in the U.S.

Plans New Division, QED America, to Introduce Award-Winning Family of High Performance, Audiophile-Grade Products to the USA

CEDIA EXPO, September 6, 2007 - Lenbrook America, a sales, marketing and distribution specialist for audio/video, custom installation and home integration products, announced today it will become the exclusive distributor in the United States of QED cables by QED Audio Products, a division of Armour Home Electronics, based in the United Kingdom. Lenbrook further announced it would distribute the cables through QED America, a new division, to differentiate the brand and yet retain the same distribution structure of NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers, its other brands in the U.S.

QED Audio Products, based in Bishops Stortford, U.K., manufactures an award -winning family of cables that enable audio enthusiasts to enhance the listening pleasure available from their systems. The cables' reputation for innovation, high performance and technical excellence has been established and developed over a 30 -year period, during which QED earned unrivalled experience in cable design and manufacture.

"We are pleased to add QED to our business portfolio centered on NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers," said Bob Brown, President of Lenbrook America. "Founded in 1973 by Bob Abraham, QED represents the same values and brand position that have contributed to the success of NAD and PSB. All three are world class audio brands, highly driven by passionate people who love music and are proud to be called audiophiles." Mr. Brown further revealed that a new division, QED America, will be established to market and distribute QED cables in the U.S., and that QED America will employ a strategy similar to that used to position QED in the U.K., where it is the most successful cable brand in the country.

Bob Abraham, founder of QED Audio Products, also sees strong similarities in the values and market positions of QED, NAD and PSB. "Our entire dedication is to the mission of creating the world's highest quality cables and interconnects at our price and, for that matter, any price," said Mr. Abraham.

"NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers operate on the same principles as QED: True -to -objective audio products that speak to real world performance, value for the price, meaningful designs, and superior aesthetics," continued Mr. Abraham. "This partnership with Lenbrook America offers tremendous synergy with QED. It's an ideal match in every conceivable aspect."

QED manufactures an extensive family of products, including speaker cables, audio and digital interconnects, subwoofer cables, and video interconnects, as well as a professional installation series. The latest computer -aided design techniques allow QED's research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. As a result, QED speaker cables and interconnects are recommended by many of the world's leading manufacturers of stereo and Home Theater equipment.

Many QED products owe their development to QED's renowned Genesis Research Program, the most extensive scientific investigation ever conducted into the effects of speaker cable on hi -fi system performance. Genesis, carried out in 1994, provided QED with engineering insights and design principles that are still employed today.

QED's initial cable products for the U.S. can be seen for the first time with the outstanding products of Lenbrook's NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers at Booth 1050, Colorado Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO 2007, Sept. 6 -9, in Denver.

About Lenbrook America
Lenbrook America, based in Sharon, Massachusetts, south of Boston, is the United States sales, marketing and distribution subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group, a diversified business development company with interests in specialty audio/video, wireless communications, and personal electronics. Lenbrook America manages U.S. distribution of NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers, both of which were founded in 1972. All products are distributed through specialty independent and custom retailers.

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