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Simplehomenet enhanced with another new addition:
"INSTEON compatibility means virtually unlimited connectivity, including wireless networks and the Internet." - Paul Niklewski, Chief Technologist
Laguna Niguel, CA, August 11th, 2007: Simplehomenet continues its rapid pace of new product introductions in the exciting field of home automation.
Simplehomenet is a company dedicated to the application of elegantly simple and effective solutions in the integration of the sub -systems and appliances in your home.
Simplehomenet is a division of Compacta International, Ltd. a Delaware corporation established in 1996. Compacta is resourced to quickly bring products to market and to provide excellent customer support.
The EZX10RF is the latest addition to the Simplehomenet family of INSTEON enabled devices introduced this past year. This is the first transceiver that not only can rebroadcast X10 over the power line, but also can convert those codes into INSTEON messages. These INSTEON messages can be either group commands or broadcast messages useful to trigger events in an INSTEON network. Typical X10 transmitters include remote controls, motion sensors, driveway alerts, panic buttons, moisture alarms, etc… Unique codes utilized by multiple devices are "learned" by the EZX10RF such that their activation can trigger INSTEON group commands through their transitions to conveniently cause INSTEON events. EZX10RF has a built -in power line interface and its programming and control are done through the power line or programming and details can be done without the use of external controllers or software. The unit is supported by home automation software packages such as an open source provided by Simplehomenet.
President, Alfredo Choperena says, "Our homes should be viewed and treated as harmonious integrated systems, and not as collections of disconnected appliances and sub -systems; that is our goal" "With the launch of the EZX10RF, we are closer to making this possible"

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