CINEAK announces the STRATO chair

CINEAK is proud to introduce the STRATO. A first-of-its kind line of cinema seating-, its truly modular design combines the plush comfort of a couch with the functionality of a traditional upright theater seat.

CINEAK, a prominent player in custom -designed theater and lounge seating, is proud to introduce the STRATO. A first -of -its kind line of cinema seating -, its truly modular design combines the plush comfort of a couch with the functionality of a traditional upright theater seat.

Created by CINEAK in association with a team of renowned designer, STRATO develops a look right between form and function. The vision behind the design of the STRATO can be best described as "'a beautiful abstract design, hiding complete functionality"

Elegant lines, unparalleled seating comfort and a modular concept that makes for a wealth of potential applications are further attractive features of this outstanding sofa. In addition to its clean -cut form, this design is appealing thanks to its concealed motorized incline relax system. This system allows the user to control the movement of the seating part, position of the footrest and adjust the height of the headrest independently. All are controlled from a seamlessly integrated push -button in the armrest.

The STRATO consists of modular seating pieces, which allow the user to configure any configuration to one's desire. The regular armrests come in 2 different sizes, and there is the option for a curved armrest as well. The seating parts are available in 2 different seating widths, and either come stationary or with the dual -motorized incline mechanism. The STRATO can be built as a regular sofa configuration or a row of "theater style" seating by using armrests in between the seating parts. There is no limit to the amount of seating pieces/armrests used in a configuration and a simple metal bracket allows for easy installation. Small cushions are available to provide extra lumbar support, or give an extra finishing touch.

As with all of CINEAK's products, the STRATO is custom, hand -built in Belgium, and uses the highest quality materials. STRATO is offered in the same fabric/leather upholstery as other CINEAK home theater seating products, as well as the option for customer supplied materials.

CINEAK will showcase the STRATO and other new products at CEDIA Expo '07 in Denver from September 6 -9, 2007.

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