Bomar\'s New Male Type N Connectors

V-Bite™ RF edgecard connectors boast excellent performance characterisics through 18 GHz for high-power applications.


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Bomar Adds Male Type N Connectors to Its
V -Bite™ Edgeboard Connector Series

New RF Connectors Boast Excellent Performance Characteristics Through 18 GHz
For the Most Demanding High Power Applications

Ledgewood, NJ, August 21, 2007...Announced today by Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., is the expansion of their proprietary line of V -Bite™ RF edgecard connectors to include a male Type N connector optimized for high -power applications. The new connector notably features superior manufacturing tolerances to ensure excellent performance characteristics throughout 0 - 18 GHz. With the addition of the new male Type N device, the 100% RoHS -compliant V -Bite Series now consists of male and female Type N, Type F, threaded through -panel BNC, standard BNC, twin BNC, miniature BNC, and TNC styles. V -Bites are expressly engineered to provide the utmost in signal integrity as their anti -rotation abilities reinforce the reliability of connections. Designed to snap in place onto the PCB prior to hand or reflow soldering, the parts are supported from both below and above the board to disperse rotational torque relief, thus minimizing stress on the solder area. Further, they feature an extremely low profile (1/2 the connectors' diameter) and small footprint for employment in high -density designs.

An excellent choice for a broad range of RF applications requiring a durable, weatherproof, medium -sized RF connector with consistent performance through 18 GHz, Bomar's male Type N V -Bites accommodates an array of medium to miniature -sized RG coaxial cables including RG -8, RG -58, RG -141, and RG -225. They are most commonly used in such high -power applications as base stations, cellular antennas, RF and microwave components, SATcom, broadcast, PCS (personal communications services), test and measurement equipment, microwave radio, and radar.

Manufactured of machined brass, and boasting brass/gold contacts, the V -Bite Series' straight -through contact arrangement provides an extremely low reflection factor with a VSWR of 1.30. To allow reflow soldering, the parts are provided with a Teflon dielectric. Customers may select from a wide assortment of standard and custom mechanical configurations. For more information on Bomar's Type N Male V -Bite Series, visit

Distributor pricing for Bomar's male Type N V -Bite connectors starts at $5.53 each in quantities of 1,000. Delivery is from stock to 10 weeks.

About Bomar
Founded in 1990 Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. ( is a premier global manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories for RF, video, and broadcast transmission. The Company's significant array of standard and miniature RF connectors and modular components includes full lines of mini, twin and dual BNC, MMCX, N, RCA, SMA, SMB/SMC, TNC, and F connectors. Also offered is the Specialty Broadcast Connector (SBC and HBC) Series, together with such renowned proprietary lines as the panel -grounded X -2™ dual BNC Series, and V -Bite™ Series of edgeboard connectors. Moreover, Bomar provides extensive custom engineering services. Headquartered in Ledgewood, NJ, the Company markets its products through a worldwide network of representatives and stocking distributors. To locate a distributor, visit

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