FUZE Media Systems Launches Revolutionary Whole -Home Media Solution

System Designed to Be Used by Any Family Member, Anywhere in the Home

San Jose, Calif., August 15, 2007 - FUZE™ Media Systems today emerged from stealth mode by announcing the launch of its next -generation whole -home media management solution. Founded in 2005, the company set out to address the problems associated with home media systems -disparate devices, multiple remotes, complex and confusing interfaces, unreliability, and the lack of true whole -home capability. Following a year of successful beta deployments, FUZE™ has begun selling systems through home theater installer/dealers.

FUZE™ is a complete hardware and software solution that enables all media -live or recorded TV, videos, music, pictures, and more -to be instantly enjoyed anywhere in the home.

The system delivers whole -home PVR (including HDTV) with multiple CableCARD tuners, offers built -in whole -home audio capability, and enables one -touch digital photo slideshows. The entire system operates with a single preprogrammed remote, leverages a single interface throughout the home, centrally stores all media, and is the first media management solution to offer the reliability that consumers expect from electronic entertainment products.

FUZE™ offers a unique approach to media management that is neither a control -based system nor a Media Center PC. FUZE™ consists of all the necessary components for media storage and distribution -a primary media server, video clients, audio clients, and multiple interface options. FUZE™ delivers a controlled, managed system that does not falter due to user modifications or when operating system updates are initiated. Additionally, FUZE™ offers its own high -quality parallel gigabit network, which ensures quality of service (QoS); remote monitoring for continuous operation; DRM -friendly whole -home HD video; Internet -based content; whole -home capability for all media functions; and a simple, easy -to -use interface that even novices can understand.

"From a technology standpoint, we're delivering the industry's most robust media management system," said Michael D'Addio, FUZE™ Chief Executive Officer. "But, at the end of the day, what we're really delivering is ease -of -use in an elegant design. We designed our solution with the average consumer in mind -not highly skilled technologists. Within seconds of picking up a FUZE™ remote, the average person will be able to watch and record shows throughout the home, play music anywhere, or pull up a picture slideshow of their favorite memories. In this way, our system will help to sell itself."

FUZE™ Founder, President, and CTO Richard Fenwick (formerly VP of R&D/Engineering at OnCommand Video) expressed his excitement about his company's product launch: "In addition to designing the industry's most powerful media management solution, we've delivered the simplest system available. This system will revolutionize home entertainment because it is the only system that delivers easy -to -use, true whole -home capability -including HDTV."

The company noted that it will publicly exhibit its system at CEDIA in September at booth 3605.

About FUZE™ Media Systems
Founded by former OnCommand Video executives, FUZE™ Media Systems shatters conventional notions about home entertainment. FUZE™ is the first media -driven whole -home entertainment solution. Built from the ground -up to manage media, FUZE™ delivers a complete system that stores, manages, organizes, and distributes all of your digital media -to any part of the home. Live or recorded TV, movies, videos, music, digital photos, and more are all stored and managed centrally. Most importantly, media is no longer tied to a particular device or a location in the home. Regardless of where a user records a show or video (HD included) -or where music or photos were originally stored -any TV or speaker in the home can easily access any media at the touch of a button. To learn more, visit www.fuzeav.com, email info@fuzeav.com, or call 408.363.8090.

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