MartinLogan's New Grotto™ i Ultimate Performance Subwoofer


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US Retail Price: $1,295/each

Lawrence, Kansas, July 2007 - MartinLogan, the Loudspeaker Technology Company, has released the new Grotto i ultimate performance subwoofer. Dramatic bass detail and attack are delivered via Grotto i's advanced servo monitoring and control system, low -mass aluminum element driver, low distortion amp, and highly evolved enclosure technology.

Features Include:
• Simultaneous LFE and 2 -Channel Connection
• Rigid, Low -Mass 10 -Inch Aluminum Element Woofer
• Servo Monitoring and Control
• Sealed Cabinet Enclosure
• 25Hz Level Control
• 300 Watt / 900 Watt Peak Digital Amplifier
• Precision Low -Pass Filters

From a low -distortion 300 watt (900 watt peak) switching amplifier Grotto i delivers extremely articulate bass. MartinLogan's unique high -performance topology eliminates the need for exaggerated amplifier power ratings, transient -blurring ported or passive radiator enclosures common to so many subwoofers. A proprietary servo monitoring and control system ensures that the woofer output is dramatically free of distortion, resulting in a faithful replica of the audio input signal.

A robust connection and control system allows simultaneous connection of both 2 -channel stereo music and multi -channel home theater -and allows each source to have individual crossover and level settings. LFE input effectively uses no low -pass filter, leaving crossover control to the processor. Left/right line level and speaker level inputs integrate six discrete audiophile grade low -pass filters between 30 -80Hz allowing a different level and crossover point when playing back two channel music.

RCA output allows multiple Grotto i's to operate in serial. A unique 25Hz level control allows adjustment of system response by ±10dB to eliminate low -frequency build -up or suck -out at problematic bass frequencies common to most rooms. Proprietary ETC™ spikes couple the sub directly to the floor, minimizing lost energy and allowing tight, well defined bass.

Grotto i is available at MartinLogan ESL Series dealers including independent retailers and mass -market retailers such as Tweeter.


Frequency Response
22 -120 Hz ± 3 dB. Anechoic through the LFE effects input.

Low -Pass Filter Frequencies
30, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80Hz

High -Pass Filter Frequencies

0°, 90°, 180°, 270°

25Hz Level

On, Auto, Standby

10" (25.4cm) high -excursion, aluminum cone with extended throw driver assembly, sealed non -resonant asymmetrical chamber format

300W (at < 0.5% THD)
900W (peak)

Left/Right RCA Line Level, RCA LFE, Speaker Level

RCA Sub Out (all inputs summed), RCA Left/Right (with High Pass Filter)

Input Impedance
20,000 Ohms

Power Draw
Max: 250 Watts; Idle: 15 Watts; Standby: 10 Watts

51 lbs. each (23.2 kg)

18.6" H x 15.2" W x 13.8" D (47.3 H x 38.6 W x 35 D cm)

MartinLogan, one of the most respected names in audio, is located in Lawrence, Kansas, where 80 employees handcraft the company's ultimate loudspeaker products. The speaker systems, incorporating MartinLogan's patented CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) high -resolution electrostatic technology and ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) transducers, range in price from $399 to over $10,995 (US Retail). The subwoofer systems range in price from $599 to $2,995 (US Retail).


For more information regarding MartinLogan visit, or contact Devin Zell at (785) 749 -0133 or email Devin at

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