At CEDIA Booth #884 At the Touch of a Button, Artwork Silently Raises and Disappear Into a Designer Frame and a Flat Panel TV Magically Extends Into the Room Stopping at the Optimal Viewing Angle

DENVER, September 6, 2007 - Media Decor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, is showing its exquisite, award -winning solution for concealing and viewing flat panel displays this week at the CEDIA show in Denver. The HideandChic™ QX series motorized art features a robotically operated arm that extends the flat panel through the picture frame and into the room, stopping at one of the user -defined optimal viewing angles.

"HideandChic QX series motorized art products is a remarkable blending of artwork and precision robotic technology," said Jonathan Graham, president of Media Decor. "The QX series is an elegant and functionally advanced moving art product and design tool created especially for customers who demand only the very best."

At the touch of a button on the accompanying remote control, or via a RS -232C controlled touch panel, an exclusive, patented twin -roller system powered by a Lutron Sivoia QED™ silently and smoothly raises the custom artwork. The robotic arm by CLO Systems then flawlessly glides the display through the mounted picture frame extending the display 10 inches past the picture frame into the room. Using the remote control, the user can adjust the swivel range 20 -28º (depending on display size) and tilt range up to 25º down, 7º up until an optimal, glare -free viewing angle is obtained. Two memory locations are provided to recall viewing preferences for day and night, or user one and two.
The HideandChic QX series is compatible with flat panel displays up to 60 inches. The TV is completely and beautifully concealed when not in use and the design obviates the need for special ventilation making it the ideal choice for above the mantel fireplace installations. HideandChic QX products feature ease of installation and smooth robotic motion by CLO Systems. Media Decor is the exclusive moving art OEM for CLO.

Media Decor offers a diverse array of more than 500 art selections ranging from the world's great masters to contemporary and urban artists. The many displays featured in Media Decor booth #884 reveal how easily the HideandChic QX series products can be customized to fit unique design needs and interiors.

The beautiful art pieces integrated into the HideandChic QX series motorized units are produced using Giclee (pronounced Zhee -Clay) technology. This high -speed process fires infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant inks onto special canvas materials, rendering smooth, consistent and museum -quality reproductions. A protecting UV agent is then applied forming an invisible non -yellowing and crack resistant topcoat. This exclusive reproduction process creates and guarantees exquisite art as well as smooth drive unit operation.

The 24 standard frame collection is supplemented by hundreds of optional frame choices including designs from LaMarch, Roma and Larson Juhl. In addition to Media Decor's selection of world -renowned artwork, clients can choose, at no extra expense, to use their own custom art or photography or even incorporate business art or logos.
Availability, Sizes and Pricing
Available now, the HideandChic QX series is designed to accommodate plasma or LCD flat panel TVs in 42 to 60 -inch sizes. Prices start at $11,750, with HideandChic non -robotic units starting at $4000.

About Media Decor, LLC
Florida -based Media Decor, LLC was founded in 2003 to fill the growing demand for elegant designer -level solutions for today's home entertainment installations. Its team of expert and inspired technicians, interior designers and structural craftsmen collaborate to create and deliver the world's most compelling, beautiful and customized entertainment environments. For more information on Media Decor and its service and product offerings please visit

HideandChic is a trademark of Media Decor
Sivoia QED™ is a trademark of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., used by permission

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