IOGEAR One of the First to Receive USB -IF Certification for Wireless USB Hub and Adapter Kit

Reinforces leadership role in bringing innovative technologies to market

Irvine, CA - July 23, 2007 - IOGEAR today announced it is one of the world's first vendors to receive Wireless USB certification by the USB Implementers Forum (USB -IF) and FCC certification for an end -user solution, its Wireless USB Hub & Adapter Kit. As a Certified Wireless USB product, it is guaranteed to be backward compatible with wired USB devices and interoperable with future Certified Wireless USB offerings. In addition, FCC certification ensures that the solution will not interfere with surrounding wireless signals.

IOGEAR's Wireless USB Hub & Adapter Kit is integrated with Alereon's PHY Chipset and the Intel(r) Wireless UWB Link controller, both of which completed compliance and certification testing from the USB -IF and are designated Certified Wireless USB building block solutions. IOGEAR's product enables high -speed, wireless connectivity to existing wired USB devices, such as printers, scanners, MP3 players and external hard drives. With the solution, files can be transferred wirelessly, significantly reducing cable clutter due to excess wiring.

'We're pleased to see products like IOGEAR's Wireless USB Hub & Adapter Kit that received certification by the USB -IF,' said Jeff Ravencraft, USB -IF president. 'These products are essential when introducing a new technology like Certified Wireless USB to the market. End -users can be assured that when they purchase Certified Wireless USB products, by looking for the Certified Wireless USB logo, they will interoperate with future Certified Wireless USB products.'

IOGEAR was the first to introduce Certified USB 2.0 to consumers in 2001. The development of its Wireless USB Hub & Adapter Kit further illustrates the company's trend in pioneering innovative solutions.

'With the availability of IOGEAR's Certified Wireless USB products, consumers may enjoy improved wireless access to their digital content, such as music, photos and videos,' said Jose Avalos, marketing director of Intel's Ultra -Wideband Networking Operation. 'We envision that Intel's UWB silicon and system solutions will accelerate the adoption of unwired solutions for consumers.'

'IOGEAR is once again leading the industry by being among the first companies in the world to integrate Certified Wireless USB into a consumer offering,' said Sampson Yang, CEO of IOGEAR. 'When selecting a Wireless USB solution, consumers should be wary of uncertified solutions that may not communicate with each other. With our Wireless USB Hub & Adapter Kit, customers can rest assured they are purchasing a product that is tested and guaranteed to work with other certified solutions on the market.'

Wireless USB was established by the Wireless USB Promoter Group and is based on WiMedia's UWB common radio platform. It enables a plethora of consumer electronics products, such as PCs, mobile devices and computer peripherals, to wirelessly communicate at speeds up to 480 Mbps and distances up to three meters1.

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