New download system enables musicians to sell gigs the next day at an affordable price

Monkrat, the new integrated e-shop solution that allows anyone to easily sell downloadable products over the internet from their own website, is paving the way for musicians to open up lucrative, commission-free revenue schemes.

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Core Facts:
• Monkrat, the new integrated e -shop solution that allows anyone to easily sell downloadable products over the internet from their own website, is paving the way for musicians to open up lucrative, commission -free revenue schemes.
• When semi -professional musicians or bands perform at a venue, Monkrat's new download system enables them to immediately sell the gig from their own website the next day, receiving 100% of the profits - something which is not possible when selling and distributing CDs.
• The immediacy of record and sell means that fans can get a memento of their night out, which could dramatically increase sales. As the e -shop plug -in is easily adapted to the musician's personal style, customers will feel like they haven't left the website. As a result, buyer confidence will grow and hopefully lead to even further sales.
• Acoustic guitarist and vocalist, Richie Muir, is Monkrat's first client. Richie has sold over 30 singles, gigs and albums since the launch of his e -shop in April, and half of these sales alone have come from his live performance at Nottingham's Victoria Hotel in May. Previously, he would only sell the odd one or two CDs a month.
• The service that Monkrat offers can be used for anything that can be made into a file and downloaded, making it ideal for upcoming artists, DJ's and semi -professional bands - especially as Monkrat deals with all the technical IT processes, file storage and back -up. By using the e -shop plug -in, musicians can globally sell their digital products through their existing website at an affordable, commission -free price from £49 per year.

Dan Winters, director of Monkrat, has done further research into what people want from the service and taken their views on board: "I've found that some musicians and businesses have been asking for a smaller package to see if the system could work for them. With this in mind, I've launched the 50MB starter pack for £49 as a way for these people to test out our service."

Musician, Richie Muir commented: "I simply upload my tracks and leave the rest to Monkrat, which is great because I can concentrate on my music and not worry about the technical side of accepting payments, or go through the long and expensive process of making CDs. I'm also really impressed with the professional look of the e -shop design - it's a cut above what I've seen in the past."

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