2007 New Southern Home Showcases INSTEON Lighting Control

SmartLabs' INSTEON wireless home control technology has been selected to control the lighting features of the 10,200-square-foot 2007 New Southern Home, a highlight of the 29th annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC), July 12 -14.


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2007 New Southern Home Showcases INSTEON Lighting Control
at Southeast Building Conference
Latest "Green" Technology Features Include Affordable System
To Keep Electricity Costs Down

Orlando, Fla., July 12, 2007 - - SmartLabs, Inc. announces that its INSTEON wireless home control technology has been selected to control the lighting features of the 10,200 -square -foot 2007 New Southern Home, a highlight of the 29th annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC), July 12 -14 at the Orange County Convention Center.

The 2007 New Southern Home is a showcase home featuring the design, luxury and technology which will set the pace for new home standards and the lifestyle of the South. Featuring the latest and most innovative products available in the marketplace, the 2007 New Southern Home is built for the South's extreme weather and incorporates "green" technology that will cut energy costs now and for the future.

With energy costs for lighting alone accounting for more than 20 percent of a typical home's electricity costs, SmartLabs' INSTEON lighting control system was chosen for the model home for its ability to reduce energy usage - at an affordable price. Keypads and controllers allow homeowners to remotely turn on or off all lights in a house and change their intensity. The same controllers allow them to turn on selected lights so they never use more lighting than they need.

"The 2007 New Southern Home has 56 INSTEON keypads and 200 INSTEON light switches to manage lighting throughout the home's living spaces, inside and out," said Steve Lee, national training manager, for SmartLabs.

In addition to its ability to reduce energy costs, the INSTEON system comes with lower upfront costs - a factor that led it to be chosen by James M. Krantz Construction Corporation, the designer and builder of the 2007 New Southern Home.

"We looked at the other lighting systems on the market and, after talking with our electrician, chose INSTEON because of its lower cost and easy set -up," said Roland Krantz, vice president, Krantz Construction. "Plus, SmartLabs' user -friendly technology to control and save energy matches the goals for the 2007 show home."

Ultimately, the mission of the 2007 New Southern Home, the 19th built for the Southeast Building Conference, is two -fold: to celebrate innovative and creative architecture, building and interior design, and to educate the homebuilding industry and consumers.

The 2007 New Southern Show home is open Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15. Transportation will be provided every half hour outside Hall B during SEBC hours and entry for conference attendees is free. For more information, visit www.newsouthernhome.com.

For more information about INSTEON wireless home control technology visit www.insteon.net.

SmartLabs' INSTEON wireless home control networking technology uses a simple, low -cost combination of wireless and powerline communications to link core home systems such as lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world. INSTEON -enabled products also bridge to other networks, such as Wi -Fi LANs, the Internet and telephony and entertainment distribution systems, allowing INSTEON to serve as the foundation for a very robust integrated home control environment. The INSTEON Alliance offers a focused community for developers and manufacturers to incorporate the INSTEON standard into their products. Information about INSTEON can be found at www.INSTEON.net.
About SmartLabs, Inc.
Founded in 1992, SmartLabs, Inc., is an integrated technology company in the home automation and control industry and the only one of its kind to offer technology, product development and a distribution channel for selling to dealers and installers and direct to consumers. SmartLabs is organized into three divisions: SmartLabs Technology, the pioneering architects of INSTEON wireless home control technology; SmartLabs Design, which designs and develops private -label home control products; and Smarthome Direct, which sells its own as well as third -party products to consumers at Smarthome.com, and via the Smarthome catalog. More information about SmartLabs is available at www.smartlabsinc.com. SmartLabs is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.

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