Streaming21 Allied with THTF in Offering Hotel IPTV Solution in China

Creating Optimal Viewer Experience with Fully-Integrated Hotel IPTV System

Beijing, China ¡V July 11, 2007 ¡V Streaming21, Inc., a leader in broadcast -quality media streaming solutions, today announced the success of a joint hotel IPTV system with Tsinghua Tongfang (THTF), China¡¦s leading high -tech system integrator listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. This co -developed hotel IPTV system with highlighted HDTV features, is already implemented at 40 premium hotels with over 10,000 guest rooms installed in China. Due to the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games, this fully -integrated system will be expanded to 80 hotels with at least 20,000 guest rooms by 2007 year -end.

The co -developed hotel IPTV system provides users with instant access to a wide selection of superior in -room entertainment and real -time information services integrating TV, VOD, and interactive hotel information system all together. Combining Streaming21¡¦s award -winning streaming video solutions with THTF¡¦s strong integration capabilities, the advanced IPTV hotel system provides easy access to interactive information and compelling entertainment applications such as HDTV, Movie on Demand, TV broadcasting, TV games and TV shopping, etc.

¡§Streaming21 has built a reputation for providing carrier -grade video streaming solutions to the international hotel community. With the help of Streaming21¡¦s cutting -edge IPTV professional services, we can easily build up interactive IPTV services in a very short time in response to the ever -changing demands of our hotel customers,¡¨ said Shi Zhengyi, President of THTF -Ehero.

Dr. Joe Lin, President and CEO of Streaming21 said, ¡§IPTV for Chinese hospitality market is set for a huge boom due to the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. The combined expertise of THTF and Streaming21 aligns technology developments to meet business requirements and delivers superb speed -to -market that ensures the success of large -scale commercial deployments. We will partner with THTF to deploy hotel IPTV system for upscale hotels throughout China with highly desirable and profitable services.¡¨

Streaming21's IPTV solution is a fully open platform which can be easily deployed, integrated and customized. The Company has a strong core customer base of 5 -star hotels including Four Seasons, Sheraton and Century Hyatt, etc. Currently, there are around 100 premium luxury hotels with up to 25,000 guest -rooms implementing Streaming21¡¦s IPTV solutions in Asia Pacific.

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About Streaming21
Streaming21 is the world leader in providing interactive IPTV solutions over Fixed -Mobile -Convergence (FMC) and open networks. The solutions successfully enable fixed, mobile, or xSP operators to generate revenues from services delivered across heterogeneous networks. Streaming21¡¦s groundbreaking technologies enable digital video entertainment anytime, anywhere and on any device. Built upon a revolutionary and patented architecture, Streaming21¡¦s solutions enable the deployment of rich -media services with carrier -class scalability, 24/7 operations, and broadcast -quality delivery. The solutions use standard hardware to lower the total cost of ownership and can deliver content to more users concurrently with patented technologies. The platform is open and flexible to readily integrate value -added services. To learn more about Streaming21's solutions and industry leading partners, please visit

About Tsinghua Tongfang (THTF)
Tsinghua Tongfang Corp. Ltd. (THTF), incepted and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997 is a high -tech subsidiary company to Tsinghua Holding Company which currently has a total of 575 million shares. Focus on self¡Vinnovation technology and capital operation, Tsinghua Tongfang develops information industry, energy & environment industry, nuc -tech industry, bio -medicine industry as the four major industries. As the primary industry field of THTF, intelligent buildings is mainly devoted in total solution, core technologies and products involved in public buildings, communities and families. During ten years experience in hi -tech research and application, complying with the idea of information -integration technology, e -Home Division of THTF has owned more than ten intelligent solutions adapting to hotels, academies, hospitals, exhibition centers, stadiums, etc., provided four main systematic categories on system -integration, intelligent control, fire -alarming and security, energy conservation equipments used in buildings. To learn more about Tsinghua Tongfang, please visit

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