Xperinet, Inc. Introduces RAIDSync Content Synchronization

Advanced Technology Synchronizes Music And Video Content Among MIRV Servers For Owners Of Multiple Homes.

Xperinet, Inc. Introduces RAIDsyncTM Content

Synchronization System for Media Servers

Advanced Technology Synchronizes Music And Video Content Among MIRV Servers For Owners Of Multiple Homes.

Annapolis, Maryland, June 26, 2007 - Xperinet, Inc., the leader in content storage for multiple media playback in the Custom Electronics Design and Installation (CEDIA) industry, announced today the introduction of RAIDsync, an engine designed to synchronize music and video content over the Internet between its MIRV (Multiple Independent Replay Video) line of media servers. Slated for release in July, 2007, Xperinet will add an interface within the current GUI to allow scheduled synchronization of newly stored content.

"RAIDsync is a significant enhancement for our customers who have multiple homes and don't want to load a new CD or DVD separately at each location. We have many Clients who purchase one MIRV for their primary residence and one for their vacation home. This new feature will keep both systems always up to date with their complete library" said John Cox, CEO of Xperinet. And the system is not limited to just two locations. An unlimited number of homes may be joined together into a synchronization group.

Unlike content mirroring found in some music storage systems, RAIDsync permits users to add or delete content from any location. This way a customer who buys a CD while at the beach can load the music to their MIRV system at the vacation house, and when they arrive home the new tunes will be waiting for them. Mirroring systems, by contrast require all content to be loaded from a central server, which is then copied to satellite locations, creating considerable inconvenience for customers who must transport the media to the primary server for loading.

During the initial setup, Dealers load the customer's entire video and music library into one MIRV server. Once configured, the other servers will sync up automatically. This is usually done on a local area network to speed transfer before the systems are deployed to their disparate locations. Then as the library increases, a scheduled transfer over the Internet synchronizes any changes to music and movie content between each MIRV unit. An informative transfer log shows the customer what files are due to be transferred, and which transfers have been completed.

RAIDsync utilizes a unique IP address resolution scheme to deal with the reality that most customers don't have a fixed IP address from their Internet Service Provider. Unlike other systems that require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a fixed IP, RAIDsync dynamically resolves communication issues on the fly without the need for complex networking schemes.

An unlimited number of locations may be joined together with RAIDsync, however there is a practical limit created by upstream bandwidth available to most residences. It should be noted, however, that RAIDsync is not a peer -to -peer content sharing system. Customers may only sync content among MIRV servers that are registered by a single owner for warranty service.

Also incorporated into RAIDsync are advanced features to facilitate ease of use including:
• Transfer Recovery reinitiates large file transfers where they left off in the event of an interruption in connectivity.
• Transfer Queue shows the progress and status of each title scheduled for transfer.
• Bandwidth Throttling limits the amount of bandwidth used by the MIRV system to ensure it does not interfere with other Internet downloads.
• Database Syncing projects changes to the meta -data, playlists, and custom -play settings to other servers in the group.

RAIDsync will be released in firmware version 3.4 to begin shipment in July, 2007. Existing MIRV owners who are covered under a service agreement will receive a firmware update to enable this capability. Xperinet MIRV is available throughout the US, Europe, and Asia via Xperinet's network of dealers and distributors.

About Xperinet, Inc.
Xperinet, Inc develops and markets convergence technology products for the Custom Electronics Integration industry. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, Xperinet is committed to making technology usable by all consumers. For more information, please visit http://www.xperinet.com, or call Sarah Maisel at 1 -888 -288 -7500 x255.
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