CSI'S New Volume 9 CD Catalog Now Available!

Communications Specialties' 2007-2008 Edition, Volume 9 Product Catalog and Technical Resource CD is now available!

Hauppauge, NY - Communications Specialties' 2007 -2008 Edition, Volume 9 Product Catalog and Technical Resource CD is now available!

The newest CSI products are featured, including the Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7220 Series - the first fiber optic link to digitally transmit high -resolution RGB (up to WXGA) and stereo audio over one single mode or multimode fiber optic core, the Scan Do® HD, which converts DVI input to high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) SDI output and the Model 2100 VGA or Component Video to HDMI/DVI Converter.

In addition to a brand new look, the CD is also a full -fledged application with extensive search capabilities, and is now web -enabled so as long as users have an active internet connection, the application will always automatically retrieve the most up -to -date information available. The search engine enables users to obtain an exact list of the products they need simply by typing in a specific application or product configuration. They no longer need to be familiar with specific product models, just familiar with what they wish to accomplish!

Users can access information directly from the CD, or install it on their local hard drive. Contact with CSI staff is now easier than ever using the "Contact Us" button on the CD that sends an email directly to the Sales team, without having to open a separate email browser! And soon, the CD can be downloaded directly from CSI's website: commspecial.com

The CD is compatible with Windows® and Mac operating systems and uses an Adobe Flash interactive application as the primary interface. Stop by booth #4440 for your FREE copy, or email your request to: literature@commspecial.com.

Founded in 1983, Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is recognized worldwide for its development of innovative products in the areas of fiber optic transmission and computer -video technology. CSI manufactures the Pure Digital Fiberlink® line of point -to -point fiber optic transmission systems for video, audio and data, the award -winning Scan Do® line of scan converters and Deuce® video scalers. The company is headquartered on Long Island, NY and has a wholly -owned subsidiary, Communications Specialties Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Featured Product

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

The network is the foundation on which modern entertainment, security, control and automation systems are built. The new Epic series of routers from Luxul are designed to help integration professionals build that foundation and deliver a great customer experience. The router is a critical piece of every network-connecting a local network to the Internet, controlling traffic and providing security. With the release of its new Epic series, Luxul has redefined the router, adding capabilities that make it far more than just a traditional router. In addition to being high-performing commercial grade routers, the Epic series offers a platform for optimizing the user experience in smart homes, workplaces, retail establishments and more. This experience is delivered through Luxul and third-party applications running on the Epic platform.