Solid Signal Makes Predictions for the Future of HD Technology

A recent article from USA Today reported that PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts HDTV sets will be in nearly 59% of homes in 2011. Solid Signal can provide insight on the future of HDTV.

June 21, 2007: West Bloomfield, MI - A recent article from USA Today reported that PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts high -definition television sets will be in nearly 59% of homes in 2011. At the end of 2006, just 12.7% of households had an HDTV.

"The expected growth in HDTV sales will bring many additional technology innovations and changes," Solid Signal president Jerry Chapman said. "At Solid Signal, we work with thousands of customers and are constantly researching the next trends, giving us insight on the future of HD technology."

Here are a few predictions Solid Signal proposes for the next five years, in terms of high definition television.

•Transition from a "home theater room" to a media room. These days, systems in the home are increasingly connected and many homes have personal home theaters. We see these trends continuing to come together as average families have media rooms with convergence of computers, HDTVs, HD DVD players, sound, lighting and so on to enhance customers' technology experiences.
•1080p. This will be the main resolution sold in the future - because there is nothing better that will be practical for average buyers.
•LCD as frontrunner. Technology innovation has been more prevalent with LCD than with plasma - i.e. there are few 1080p plasmas in 50 inch or larger
•Bigger is better (for TVs). Most new HDTVs purchased are 42 inches and up. This will only increase as technology becomes more affordable.
•Using an antenna to get HD. Antennas are an affordable way for customers to get the best HD picture quality. At Solid Signal, we've seen sales surge in the past few years and anticipate this continuing to increase as more people own HDTVs and learn about the benefits of antennas.

"Working with professional media installers - as well as average families - helps us see HD trends in action," Chapman said.

Solid Signal was founded in 2002 to help customers find new solutions to enhance technology. The company is an Internet Retailer Top 500 and offers its customers thousands of products, including cell phone accessories, to help distribute high -quality, digital audio and video to a variety of different media outlets. Visit for the latest products or discuss your thoughts on trend predications in our forum.

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