HouseBot Version 3 Makes Home Automation Easy

CeBotics this week announced the availability of HouseBot version 3, a Windows application for home automation and remote control.

CeBotics this week announced the availability of HouseBot version 3, a Windows application for home automation and remote control. HouseBot provides control and status of a wide variety of home controls technologies. It can run on its own to automate daily tasks or can be controlled by software remotes that turn any PC, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile device into a 'virtual' remote control with a rich and fully customizable graphical interface. A 30 -day free trial is now available at

HouseBot differs from proprietary hardware controllers by being able to run on almost any standard Windows PC. This enables the software to be easily extended and customized, and allows it to interact with other Windows applications. It also enables customers to create robust 'software remotes' that provide interactive graphical interfaces on other PCs or handheld devices. By running a HouseBot software remote on a Pocket PC with a WiFi card, for example, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a wireless touchscreen at a fraction of the price of competing solutions.

Since HouseBot was acquired from Meedio by CeBotics in early 2006, version 3 has been under development to provide the next generation of features requested by the existing user base. A partial list of the supported features and technologies is below.

  • Insteon
  • Z -Wave
  • Global Cache GC -100
  • X10 CM11a - X10 controller
  • X10 Firecracker - X10 controller
  • X10 MR26a - X10 RF receiver
  • ADI Ocelot or Leopard controller (X10 & IR)
  • ADI SECU16 - Relay control / Input channel monitoring
  • Device Replicator - Controls other Devices running on remote HouseBot machines
  • Execute any program running on HouseBot machine
  • External Control - Control HouseBot remotely from command line application
  • Generic Serial control. Can be customized to control a wide variety of equipment attached to RS232 port
  • Girder Bridge - Send event strings to Girder application
  • Modem / Phone Status - Provides call notification and caller ID information using caller ID modem or NetCaller ID device
  • Nirvis Slink -e support - X10 & IR. Also provides control of CDJ application
  • PowerLinc USB - X10 control
  • SMTP - Sends email
  • Text -2 -speech (TTS) - Plays text over system sound card
  • USB UIRT - IR transmit and receive
  • VB Scripting - Write simple VB Script programs to enhance automation control
  • WGL W800 - RF Receiver
  • WinAmp - Control WinAmp application
  • Windows clipboard - Send and receive data using the Windows clipboard

Regular retail pricing is USD $69.99, and is offered exclusively online from the HouseBot web site. For additional information on the HouseBot 3 release, visit the HouseBot web site at

About CeBotics
Cebotics is the software provider of HouseBot, a home automation server that allows you to monitor and control your lights, appliances, A/V equipment, and other devices using customizable graphic interfaces for PCs, touchscreens, and PDAs. HouseBot provides wireless control and status of many standard home automation and control devices. It is expandable to incorporate new devices and custom hardware interfaces. For more information please visit our website at

Copyright 2007 CeBotics LLC. All rights reserved. Features, pricing, availability and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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