SF Marketing Announces TruAudio's Innovative, Redesigned, & Upgraded R Series

The family continues to grow. TruAudio has replaced their top three InCeiling models for the 6 ½" and 8" categories, and both of their Dual Voice models with the new models called the R Series .

TruAudio has improved the actual speakers by redesigning and enriching the crossovers as well as using completely new woofers. The new Glass Fiber woofer (in the R2 models) is a rich sounding, stiff material that provides extended bass. The upgraded Carbon Fiber woofer (in the top of the line R3 models) is the best of both worlds - smooth, clear midrange and deep, rich bass.

Another very important upgrade is the larger, smoother and high power handling tweeters made from Polypropylene, Aluminum and Titanium. They are mounted on a unique and innovative bridge that allows you to angle the high frequencies towards the listening area without having to push on the actual tweeter - just rotate the bridge where you want it to go.

The R Series also fit into the same cutout as the respective sizes of the current TruAudio models. They range from $459 to $949 a pair so there is a model for almost every application and budget. Full specifications are available at www.truaudio.com

Equally as important is that ALL the new models come STANDARD with the innovative new EZ Frame which allows you to install or remove a grill in seconds. No more fumbling around trying to tuck the grill into one side, then working around hoping to get the grill in (or out) without bending it. Magnets that are embedded in the frame hold the grill assembly securely in place.

The speakers with the EZFrame consist of two main pieces; the main speaker and the grill assembly. The grill assembly, which is Aluminum to prevent rusting, consists of the grill and an outside baffle (the edge of the speaker that is exposed to the room). The main speaker is installed like a typical InCeiling speaker. To install the grill, simply place it up near the speaker, line up the magnets and put it in place. The one piece frame and grill to make for easy painting or replacing (away from the jobsite if needed - the contractors can't paint over it if it is not there…). The EZFrame is also sold separately for easy stocking, there no paint shield needed, and it greatly cuts down on labor costs.

Higher Performance, Upgraded Materials, 'EZier' Installations, More Value - the TruAudio R Series . TruAudio products are available exclusively in Canada from SF Marketing

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