Process Dealer Services Group owners named Bedrock Learning Associates

Process Dealer Services Group co-owners Kevin and Heather Mikelonis have announced an official association with Bedrock Learning after being named Bedrock Associates by Helen Heneveld, Bedrock's owner.

Paso Robles, California - June 6, 2007 - Process Dealer Services Group co -owners Kevin and Heather Mikelonis have announced an official association with Bedrock Learning after being named Bedrock Associates by Helen Heneveld, Bedrock's owner. The increasing demand for education and certification at all levels within the Electronic Systems Contracting trade is being addressed by companies which are led by industry veterans. "Helen Heneveld has been a leader in educating the owners and staff of Electronic System Contracting companies since the movement was started," says Kevin Mikelonis. The association that Process DSG will have with Bedrock Learning supports the training missions of both companies.

Bedrock Learning is delivering a series of 6 full -day workshops coast -to -coast beginning June 2007, which are designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge for all owners and employees working within the trade. The workshops include focus on individual sub -systems, project management, business essentials, and DHTI+ Certification. Kevin Mikelonis has been tapped to deliver instruction to the attendees of the west coast stops on the 2007 Bedrock Learning Schedule beginning in July and extending through the Fall EHX Show in Long Beach, CA. "Kevin taught the Bedrock Learning seminar on home entertainment at the recent JLC Live! show in Long Beach…and did a great job. There's a very good fit with the Bedrock philosophy and culture. It is an exciting time as the industry takes off and the Bedrock team grows. Kevin and Heather are a great addition to our team, and we look forward to working with them," says Helen Heneveld.

Process DSG, a D -Tools Certified Partner, serves its international customer base by building efficiency into the sales and design process through smart and pragmatic implementation of industry standard design, project management, and business software tools backed by outstanding training through a variety of channels. Together, Kevin, Heather, and the team at Process DSG deliver over 250 live, daily, online trainings each year for Media Environment Design, plus many 1 -on -1 online training sessions for special projects and the unique needs of their broad customer base of ESC's. "The alliances and associations formed among the leaders and veterans in our industry that share common best practices is becoming a big benefit to our industry through great educational options delivered in many very accessible venues," explains Kevin.

About Process Dealer Services Group:
Our mission is to increase our clients' profitability by building efficiency into the sales design process - the very root of success in our industry. We work with electronic systems contractors internationally on business process development, software implementation, online training, and design -documentation. We deliver first class software tools and proven best practices to enable electronic systems contractors to deliver repeatable products and predictable results.

Heather Mikelonis
1680 S. River Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446

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