Nexus 21 Redefine Space with TV Lift Systems

The TV lift system can be used in many applications and presents a solution for television storage other than the traditional entertainment center.

The introduction of flat screen televisions made old, bulky, space -wasting televisions a thing of the past and thrilled both designers and consumers alike. Nonetheless, designers are still faced with the challenge of television placement in a variety of rooms.

Nexus 21, a Scottsdale -based manufacturer of motorized lifts for LCD and plasma televisions, provides a solution and helps designers completely redefine their clients' spaces. By using a Nexus 21 lift system, a television room can easily be transformed into a living room with a simple click of a button.

Owner and CEO of Nexus 21, Jeff Meskan, describes the TV lift system as the ultimate solution to a common problem:

"Our product is valuable and exciting to interior designers because it presents a solution for television storage other than the traditional entertainment center. With the use of a flat screen TV lift, the focal point of a room no longer has to be the TV."

Nexus 21 lift systems also benefit designers because of their appeal for both men and women. The lift systems provide a compromise between serenity and technology in the home.

"Women love the lift because it neatly conceals the TV, while men love it for its 'cool' factor," explains Meskan.

Nexus 21 offers three TV lift systems to accommodate a wide range of flat screen TV models, sizes and weights. The lift systems offer television viewing flexibility that, until recently, has not been possible. Additionally, the systems have a number of accessories available to further enhance viewing. One of the most popular features has been the swivel, which allows you to turn the television 180 degrees in either direction.

Meskan explains why the TV lift has been a success:

"The recent trend was to hang our flat panel TVs on the wall for all to see. But change is inevitable and flat panels on the wall are becoming a look of the past. The new trend is using the aesthetically pleasing approach - hide your TV without compromising design - or your wallet."

Nexus 21 television lifts raise the standard in quality - in size, strength, appearance, noise reduction, reliability, price, delivery and warranty. The lifts allow designers, consumers, installers and cabinet makers to redefine space with ease.

These lift systems can be used in rooms throughout the home. For instance, Nexus 21 also offers a compact cabinet that is best applied for the foot of the bed use. Many clients have also installed the lift into custom and antique cabinetry, countertops, window seats, RV's and boats.

"The best feature for designers is the compact design and versatility of our TV lift systems. The lift can easily be installed in very small spaces and in innovative ways," said Meskan.

"The lift system can be used in many applications; to hide not only flat -screen televisions, but anything you can imagine - countertop appliances, wine racks, artwork (for security purposes), antique guns, etc.," he says. "Up to four lifts can be linked together to raise and lower tables, beds, and anything else up to 720lbs."

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