Streaming21 Unveils Next Generation IP Broadcasting Solution

Media Relay Server 2.0 Enables to Broadcast Reliable TV Channels over Public Internet

San Jose, Calif. ˇV June 6, 2007 ˇV Streaming21, the world leader in broadcast -quality streaming solutions, today announced its award -winning IP broadcasting solution, Media Relay Server 2.0, which provides a full suite of functionality for broadcasting reliable live TV channels and live events to televisions over public Internet with broadcast video quality in standard and high definitions. The new solution is an excellent alternative to satellite delivery of live video ˇV it helps broadcasters to save huge cost on video transmission by using IP networks.

Unlike traditional IPTV or cable TV services which rely on expensive managed networks and only serve a limited geographic area, Streaming21 Media Relay Server enables reliable real -time video delivery to televisions through open networks and accepts subscribers from any ISP. Also, in contrast to popular live video channels over the Internet that user often see on the PC, Streaming21ˇ¦s solution can deliver high -quality, full -motion video playback to TV over the Internet. This unique technology not only ensures stable streaming delivery over unmanaged networks but also allows delivering live channels to televisions over non -multicast networks.

As the demand of TV anytime, anywhere continues to grow, the video transmission over long distance by using either satellite or leased line can be very expensive. Streaming21ˇ¦s patented streaming technology enables reliable transmission of high -quality video streams in MPEG -2 and H.264 over the Internet. Thus, service providers can save huge costs on global content aggregation and video content delivery. The solution also support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network to enable IPTV anytime, anywhere.

Streaming21ˇ¦s Media Relay Server 2.0 is a fully open platform which can be easily deployed, integrated and customized. Its patented and award -winning streaming engine offers the industryˇ¦s highest broadcasting performance. The solution is built on a reliable large -scale streaming architecture from single server to geographically distributed clusters. The platform is highly scalable to broadcast thousands of live TV channels to millions of households.

Key features include:
* Large -scale & carrier -grade IP broadcast platform: Relay hundreds of live TV channels to millions of TV/STB & PC users.
* High definition: Support MPEG -2, MPEG -4 and H.264 video formats (SD & HD)
* Greater service coverage:
- Support live video re -broadcast to TV over any IP networks (includes open & closed wall garden networks).
- Support reliable video delivery to subscribers from any ISP.
* Advanced networking:
- Support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack streaming and IPv4 -to -v6 protocol conversion to enable IPTV anytime, anywhere.
- Penetrate firewall to deliver real -time video streams to televisions through open networks.
- Convert multicast source to unicast streams for non -multicast network delivery, and vice versa.
* Greater reliability: Unique video delivery option that eliminates packet loss problem.
* Secured delivery: Compatible with third -party real -time encryption/DRM solutions.
* More STB choices: Integration with many IP STBˇ¦s that support MPEG -2 and H.264 in standard - and high -definition playback.

Streaming21ˇ¦s Media Relay Server 2.0 is available immediately. The Companyˇ¦s end -to -end IPTV solution has been deployed by Tier 1 Telcos and IPTV service providers, such as NTT Communications, NEO Index, VIC TOKAI, Enterwave and TEPCO in Japan, KT (Korea Telecom) in South Korea, and Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan.

Public Relations Contacts:
To arrange interviews, receive company information or request press kits, please contact:
Jennifer Cheng
Streaming21 Taipei
+866 -2 -2500 -0680 x.350

About Streaming21
Streaming21 is the world leader in providing interactive IPTV solutions over Fixed -Mobile -Convergence (FMC) and open networks. The solutions successfully enable fixed, mobile, or xSP operators to generate revenues from services delivered across heterogeneous networks. Streaming21ˇ¦s groundbreaking technologies enable digital video entertainment anytime, anywhere and on any device. Built upon a revolutionary and patented architecture, Streaming21ˇ¦s solutions enable the deployment of rich -media services with carrier -class scalability, 24/7 operations, and broadcast -quality delivery. The solutions use standard hardware to lower the total cost of ownership and can deliver content to more users concurrently with patented technologies. The platform is open and flexible to readily integrate value -added services. To learn more about Streaming21's solutions and industry leading partners, please call +886 -2 -2500 -0680 or visit

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