MvixUSA Licenses Ximeta\'s NDAS Technology to Provide Network -File Transfer Capabilities to its Mvix

MvixUSA today announced the much-awaited enhancement to its popular Mvix MX-760HD Wireless Hi Def Media Centers. MvixUSA has launched a new firmware to enable network-file transfer capabilities to its flagship MX-760HD model.

MvixUSA today announced the much -awaited enhancement to its popular Mvix MX -760HD Wireless Hi Def Media Centers. Based upon the world -leading Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) technology, MvixUSA has launched a new firmware to enable network -file transfer capabilities to its flagship MX -760HD model.

The patented NDAS technology is developed by Ximeta, Inc. a California -based firm. 'We are delighted to leverage this licensing -partnership with Ximeta to provide the network -file transfer functionality to our Mvix users', said Rich Knitter, Director of Marketing at MvixUSA. NDAS -based products are starting to become the mainstream in a rapidly growing network storage market.

Now customers will not only be able to stream their digital content over the wired or wireless network, but can also copy, move, delete, rename their audio -video files from the Mvix -Hard Drive through their network. This functionality makes the Mvix MX -760HD an all -encompassing home theater system in a small, portable and customizable box. The Mvix MX -760HD is capable of storing and playing an entire library of movies, DVDs, home videos and even digital audio content on one 3.5 -inch hard disk drive. For movies, TV shows, camcorder footage and more, the MX -760HD is capable of storing and decoding dozens of digital media files and formats.

Guided by feedback received from customers, MvixUSA announced last month that this firmware was an immediate priority. While the NDAS technology integration plans were finalized by the developers, the company engaged in a special rollout program for this new firmware, which required acquiring NDAS software license for its existing users - free of charge.

Available immediately, Mvix users will be able to download this new firmware from MvixUSA's support center to enable this new functionality. 'MvixUSA has once again delivered beyond its promise to its customers,' said Knitter. 'We have launched six firmware updates in the past four months. Undoubtedly, this new paradigm in the consumer electronics market is turning the traditional value -proposition equation upside down. Mvix customers love this new product -development model of organic growth of functionality and continual enhancement of product benefits.'

About MvixUSA.
MvixUSA is a Virginia -based corporation specializing in development, marketing and distribution of hard -disk based multimedia solutions and peripherals that work right out of the box. MvixUSA is the exclusive distributor of Mvix -brand systems within US, Canada and the South -American sub -continent. Mvix products can be purchased through multiple retail outlets, value -added resellers and e -commerce sites across United States and Canada. The Mvix Multimedia system has received accolades from many notable reviewing sources across the world, and is also featured on a significant number of these publications. For more information, visit

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