Lighting Control Offers Sensible Energy -Saving Solutions

Today's Systems Affordable, Easy To Use and Provide Many Valuable Benefits

Warrenton, VA - May 15, 2007 - Green is in and everyone is looking for affordable ways to save energy in and around the home while also helping the environment. Since lighting can represent as much as 25% of your electrical bill, it's an excellent place to start. Among the most effective and enjoyable options to save energy is with a lighting control system. Today's lighting control products can pay for themselves over the life of the system while providing additional benefits of comfort, convenience and security.

Among the simplest, most cost -effective ways to trim your electric bill is with a dimmer. By allowing you to reduce lighting levels when you simply don't need as much light, this really adds to your bottom line. How much? Simply dim your lights by 25% and you pocket 20% in electricity savings. Dim lights by half and you increase your savings by 40%.

Dimming not only reduces energy consumption, but significantly extends the life of your bulbs. Dimming lights by 50% not only saves nearly that much in energy but the bulb life is extended twenty times. As an added convenience, this also decreases the amount of times you need to change your bulbs. And because a dimmer can control the amount of light you want, it also eliminates the need for costly three -way bulbs. Though dimmers cost more than a conventional toggle switch, the installation costs are the same.

Another ingenious energy saving device is the occupancy sensor which combines hands -free switching with energy savings. Typically installed in areas such as a bathroom, walk -in closet, or garage, occupancy sensors turn lights on when a person enters the room and off when they leave. Best of all, they do it automatically and even when people forget. Occupancy sensors can be set to manually turn on and like dimmers, are relatively inexpensive to install and come in a variety of colors.

What about fluorescent lighting?
Today, incandescent bulbs represent 85% of all light bulbs used in residential applications. Though fluorescent lights have been around since the 1930's, they have never been as popular in homes as incandescent lighting due to higher initial cost, harsh white light and poor color rendering. Fluorescent technology has made great strides however and represents an increasingly popular option for their lower operating costs, improved performance and extended bulb life.

The compact fluorescent light (CFL) is an especially popular option for homeowners for general lighting that will be on for several hours per day. Some CFLs are not dimmable while those more costly types require more costly lighting control options. Even when dimmed, some find the harsh white light to not be as pleasing as that of the amber warm glow of an incandescent. The best of both, a perfect balance? Using lower wattage halogen incandescent lamps can offer energy savings from standard incandescent lamps in addition to the color and ambience of a dimmed incandescent.

Therefore, the most effective lighting control systems utilize incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs for the best combination of energy savings and convenience.

Key Points about Lighting Control systems and energy savings:
• Dimmers can save significant amounts of energy while providing ambience
• Dimmers can greatly extend bulb life. 50% power extends bulb life 20X
• Occupancy sensors offer additional savings plus wonderful convenience
• Affordable systems can pay for themselves in reduced energy costs

About the Home Lighting Control Alliance (HLCA)
The Home Lighting Control Alliance is a self -funded, member -driven consortium of leading lighting control manufacturers, systems integrators and industry support organizations. Its sole purpose is to promote the awareness, value and benefits of lighting control products for residential applications.

Current partners in the Home Lighting Control Alliance include: AHA Design, Automated Outlet, CEA, CentraLite Systems, Control4, Crestron, Echelon, EH Publishing, ETC, Exceptional Innovation, FulTech Solutions, Good News Electric, HAI, Home Logic, Leviton, Lightolier Controls, LiteTouch, Low Voltage Systems, Pass & Seymour, RL Johnson Construction, S&S Electric, Somfy Systems, Square D, Vantage Controls, WattStopper and Worthington Distribution.
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