CacheLogic Upends Traditional 'One Size Fits All' CDN Business Model

Cost-Effective and Targeted Distribution of Content to Global Markets Enables Savings of up to 50% Compared To Akamai or LimeLight

May 15, 2007 - Streaming Media East, New York - CacheLogic™ (Cambridge, England) - a global provider of content delivery solutions - today announced a unique, configurable class of service solution allowing customers to deliver content cost -effectively and with sustainable quality of service anywhere in the World.

The new CacheLogic VelociX™ CDN upends the traditional 'one -size -fits -all' per Gigabyte model employed by 1st -generation CDNs such as Akamai® or LimeLight®. VelociX offers savings of up to 50% while simultaneously allowing variable delivery speeds and cost controls on a per -asset, per -user basis.

As opposed to flat, 'one -size -fits -all' delivery models, VelociX enables different service levels to be assigned to different traffic or end users. Rather than having a flat price / performance for all traffic, this solution allows for a delivery speed and cost to be assigned to each asset. Content requiring high performance receives the needed bandwidth, while assets can also be configured for low -cost delivery that can be dynamically modified to fit user demand and infrastructure. CDN customers save on the total cost of content delivery - all while ensuring in -demand assets get the performance and service level they require.

In addition to cost benefits, class of service solutions enable CDN customers to differentiate their online services and enable new sources of revenue that are not possible with today's approaches. By allowing different delivery techniques to be applied to the various stages of a digital asset's life cycle, assets can be most effectively monetized. Creating targeted delivery services to end -users is finally possible - enabling 'up sell' to premium service offerings. Allowing end -users to dynamically select delivery and associated payment approaches or service class on a delivery -by -delivery basis is also achievable with VelociX.

How It Works

The CacheLogic customer can set and change the class of service (performance and price) for an object to be delivered across the VelociX network. This enables fine -grained control of both cost and worldwide delivery options, allowing the CDN customer to create 'delivery tiers' for assets requiring different cost/performance characteristics.

Sophisticated traffic management software running inside the VelociX network manages the delivery rate for each asset, thereby enabling these capabilities.

As an example, a movie studio could select top -priority, maximum -speed downloads for a new, highly -anticipated film in a particular geography, while selecting a lower -cost service for older, niche content with a smaller audience. Using other CDNs, both items would cost the same amount to accelerate, despite the far smaller audience of the latter example.

In terms of services, ad -supported users can be given one delivery service for all content whereas premium users can be treated to a high -performance offering for the range of data. Exciting new opportunities for enhancing revenue are possible with this approach.

"VelociX enables CacheLogic customers to achieve a global footprint with superior performance compared to first -generation solutions," said Andrew Parker, Chief Technology Officer for CacheLogic. "We are very excited to be offering this industry -first capability to fine -tune content delivery to enable new services for the content owner and improved user experience for end users - the need to offer configurable services is long -overdue to the market. This new delivery structure serves notice to the industry that there are better alternatives to LimeLight and Akamai's flat business model."

About CacheLogic

CacheLogic is a global provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. With its innovative new network and groundbreaking asset -based business model, CacheLogic has revolutionized both the 'mechanics' and economics of content delivery, enabling the Internet to become the preferred delivery mechanism for large digital media assets.

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