Remove Ground Loops with RGPC Eliminator

Richard Gray's Power Company (RGPC) announces the availability of its Ground Loop Eliminator, an HD/Digital compatible product that safely removes Ground Loops from the coax line.


New Orleans, LA - May 3, 2007 - Richard Gray's Power Company (RGPC) announces the availability of its Ground Loop Eliminator, an HD/Digital compatible product that safely removes Ground Loops from the coax line. Simply put, Ground Loops are low AC voltage differences between Ground potentials that result in scroll bars in video and a constant, annoying hum in audio.

Ground loops are generally caused by leakage to the Ground (usually through chassis) of a component or by the presence of an unbalanced load which can modulate - or talk to - the neutral in the AC line. Since the neutral is bonded to the Ground at the residence service, this voltage on the neutral can become a small difference when multiple Grounds are present. When two or more devices are connected to a common Ground through different paths, a Ground loop occurs. Currents flow through these multiple paths and develop voltages which can cause damage, noise or a 50Hz/60Hz hum in audio or video equipment. As the name implies, the RGPC Eliminator eliminates these voltages therefore removing one of the largest and most time consuming problems in the setup of home theater today. It also does not attenuate the higher frequencies like some of the other products on the market so Digital and HD signals are not interrupted.

Cable or satellite services generally get their Ground from a Ground rod at the utility providers' pole or near the satellite dish (in the case of satellite). This is primarily used as a lightning preventative but it is also acts as another Ground. Since there is a Ground on every pole, these are usually effective compared to a single Ground rod at a residence near the incoming service. Also, because they are used with low voltage cable or satellite equipment the likelihood of Ground loops caused there is reduced.

However, once the feed is hooked up to the residence, it's a different story. The equipment or the neutral can have low level AC voltage and these can both affect the reference to Ground by allowing voltage to pass through the coax line. It is this voltage that causes the heretofore nearly impossible to remove bars or hum in a system.

When the RGPC Eliminator is combined with the recently released TV Guard coax surge protector, the combination can effectively protect sensitive AV gear from catastrophic surges and maintain a connection to the Ground while eliminating the loops. The RGPC Eliminator has a very low insertion (signal) loss and is compatible with both HD and Digital Cable.

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RGPC's parallel technology captures and restores instantaneously high -current -on -demand, working cycle -to -cycle to satisfy power hungry equipment while rejecting power spikes and smaller surges that lead to premature failure of sensitive electronics. RGPC products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and are sold solely through their network of professional audio/video dealers and installers.

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