Arxceo Co -Founder to Bring Expertise in Anti -Reconnaissance Network Security Technologies

J. Chandler Hall to Discuss How Today's Attackers Exploit Network Reconnaissance and Enumeration

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 30, 2007 - Co -Founder and Vice President of Marketing, J. Chandler Hall, of Arxceo® Corporation, a provider of anti -reconnaissance and anomaly and behavioral -based attack prevention technology, will discuss the benefits of anti -reconnaissance security defenses as a featured panelist at the SecureWorld Expo in Atlanta, Georgia being held May 1st and 2nd. Driving the discussion on security in the 21st century for business and government, the SecureWorld Expo is the first regional conference discussing best practices in network security.

The panel, titled, "Network Security: NAC vs. IPS vs. UTM," will take place on Tuesday,
May 1st from 1:15 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. The panel will address concepts such as NAC (Network Access Control), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), UTM (Unified Threat Management), NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) and what these approaches mean to network security and a changing network infrastructure. The discussion will define and examine each of these terms and further explain what each has to offer in security applications.

"Today's network attacks are much more targeted and exploratory," said Chandler Hall, Co -Founder and Vice President of Marketing, Arxceo. "Attackers are looking for an easy beachhead onto a network in order to find a hole just past the next layer of defense. Network defenses must provide reconnaissance tripwires or alerts, as well as include a true zero -day defense that doesn't rely on signatures. I look forward to discussing anti -reconnaissance and inherent problems with signature -based attack detection at SecureWorld Expo."

The SecureWorld Expo promotes the ideals of fostering communication between security professionals and technology leaders, to discuss best practices and to bind that body of thought in a public/private partnership with Government. SecureWorld Expos will take place in eight cities this year. Mr. Hall will also speak on the Network Security panel at the SecureWorld Expo in Detroit, MI (October 9 -10), Seattle, WA (October 30 -31), and Dallas, TX (November 14 -15).

About Arxceo® Corporation
Arxceo provides anti -reconnaissance and anomaly behavioral -based, attack -prevention appliances that help secure networks from information gathering, vulnerability exploitation, zero -day worm attacks and other malicious network traffic. Arxceo's patented Plug and Protect and Tagged Universal Resource Information Transmission technologies combine to provide the world's best anti -reconnaissance layer - - preventing attackers from mining vulnerabilities to exploit. After passing through this layer, Arxceo's unique anomaly and behavior -based zero -day attack prevention engines monitor and stop attacks effectively without the use of any signatures. Arxceo is now a JCI Group Company. JCI is a world -leading wireless data solution provider servicing enterprises and individuals requiring secure data communication. For more information, visit

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