\'Meant to be Seen\' Included In Updated Stereoscopic 3D Report

Market Research Firm Insight Media Adds New Stereoscopic 3D Advocacy & Certification Organization to Report!

Toronto, Ontario - - April 16, 2007 – Meant to be Seen (mtbs3D.com), the first and only Stereoscopic 3D Certification and Advocacy group, is pleased to announce its inclusion in the new Stereoscopic 3D industry report from Insight Media. The 380 -page report highlights the industry’s past, present, and future in stereoscopic 3D development.

For game developers and other display industry professionals that may be interested, Insight Media has updated its’ report at http://www.insightmedia.info/reports/20073dtech.php. Plans are in the works to launch an S -3D conference in September 2007 where industry professionals can meet, discuss, and plan the stereoscopic 3D industry’s promising and rapidly developing future.

“Stereoscopic technologies are moving very fast. Through our industry research, we heard what Meant to be Seen is doing to certify and encourage video game developers to release S -3D compatible games and we decided to update our report,” said Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media.

Stereoscopic 3D refers to media that displays images with true volumetric depth through the assistance of special screens, monitors, projectors, and glasses.

“When Insight Media included us, I was thrilled! The entire S -3D industry benefits from these reports - and we are very pleased to participate,” commented Neil Schneider, President and CEO of Meant to be Seen.

MTBS has issued a Stereoscopic 3D Programming guide for video game developers and has started a program to certify the S -3D quality and compatibility of existing and future PC game releases.

“While we were researching this report, it was clear that while stereoscopic 3D had its niches, the various markets were not communicating with each other. Medicine had one market, S -3D movies had another, video games another – this counterproductive segregation didn’t make sense. This is why we decided to hold a conference in September,” Chinnock explained.

Key focus areas of the report include:

? Detailed description of all major S -3D display technologies.
? An outline of the available S -3D image generation and rendering technologies.
? S -3D video formats, especially those backward -compatible with existing video infrastructures.
? S -3D applications and markets
? Forecasts of the use of S -3D display technology in over 20 markets through 2011.
? Opportunity analysis for S -3D broken down by application, display size, and display technology
? Roadmaps for technology improvements needed to increase S -3D market penetration
? A list of 650+ companies, universities, consortia and standards bodies involved in S -3D display technology
? Brief profiles of 26 companies producing S -3D displays

To learn more about the Insight Media Stereoscopic 3D Report:


Ms. Dian Mecca,
Tel. (203) 831 -8464
Web http://www.insightmedia.info/reports/20073dtech.php.
Email info@insightmedia.info

Game developers, video game enthusiasts, and all interested parties are encouraged to register for free at http://www.mtbs3D.com.


Mr. Neil Schneider
Tel. (416)240 -1679
Web http://www.mtbs3D.com
Email info@mtbs3D.com

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